Buying a car is a big a commitment. In fact, after a marriage or partnership, having children or buying a house, a car is probably the biggest responsibility that most of us will undertake.

At over 2.6 million units, 2015 saw the highest number of newly registered cars ever sold in the UK. Yet this figure was outnumbered nearly 3 to 1 by more than 7 million used car sales.  So what makes a used car the more desirable buy for so many car owners?

Life is full of landmarks: birthdays, new relationships, new jobs, a growing family, each celebrated differently depending on your age and means at the time. Once you become a driver, these notable periods in your life can also warrant a change in car as your needs and budget vary.

Buying a van to use for your business? Here are 8 golden rules which you should be sure to follow when you need an ideal workhorse that won’t let you down.
A hike in the tax paid on insurance premiums has hit us all, so we present some ideas for other ways you could save on the cost of your essential cover.
Motor Range explains how pimping your ride will probably cost you not just the price of the fancy add-ons but also a hefty hike in your insurance premiums.
Personal Contract Purchase has become a revolution in car hire in the past five years. We explain how PCP can bring you the car you want at an affordable price.
So, you’ve got the grades you need and you’re heading off to the big smoke to start a new chapter of your life, as a student. Making the transition to student living can be a tricky but incredibly exciting one, and there’s a whole new list of products you once took for granted that are suddenly prime bargaining tools; milk, bread, toilet paper and beers (cold or otherwise!) are all valuable commodities...but none are more in demand than the humble used car! 

As the swinging sixties swept across America, Ford vice president and general manager, Lee Iacocca, hatched a plan to create a car for the people. A playful, luxurious, four-seater, that was both affordable and desirable. A car that represented the times and was different from all the rest. A car that reflected the newly acquired affluence of American society, but that was big enough to accommodate the burgeoning families of the original baby boomers. 

Times were changing and Iacocca wanted Ford to lead the way in providing luxurious, mass production cars that could be affordable and flexible. It was his aim that the Mustang would be tailored to each customer’s needs, being as fancy or functional as required.

The luxury cars featured here have performed well when tested. They have good reliability and safety ratings. Top luxury cars are like any other. Depreciation of new models happens almost instantaneously upon purchase. However, luxury cars hold their value comparatively well. The quality of these vehicles means they stay nicer for a long time than some vehicles. Luxury cars look and feel timeless whether you purchase a new or pre owned car.