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You may now be acquainted with the Fiat 500 as the cute, quirky car we’ve all grown to love however it may surprise you to know it is much older than you think!

This week we take a look at the history of the classic Fiat 500 and how it turned from a cheap runaround to a fashion statement for a generation.

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This weeks blog is dedicated to a very important matter; staying road legal!

Police spot checks are regularly carried out across the country and it can be confusing as to what makes you car legal or not. Therefore we have compiled a list in the hope to break down some of the confusion and give you more confidence in knowing your car is in line with the law.

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Cars can be tricky, but when you know what to do with them and the best ways to look after them, it can make all the difference in how you see your car.

Knowing the best maintenance checks is very important to your car and can often prolong it’s life span, and even though it may take a little time and effort, it's worth knowing your car is running as it should be.

This week we have decide to list some simple yet useful tips to keep your car in the best shape it can be.

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This week we are focusing on helping you find the perfect first car!

There are many great options to choose from but we have whittled it down to just 5, so the choice is made even easier. 

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This month we will be looking at the history of one of the most famous cars from this country.

It’s iconic style and it’s ability to keep reinventing itself has made it one of the most popular makes in the world.

The Mini you know and love originally began in August 1959 where it was better known as the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven, it wasn’t until 1961 that it took on the name Austin Mini, then just 8 years later it became a marque in its own right.

Say hello to summer! This weeks post is dedicated to the summer holidays and the wonderful road trips you are about to embark on. We are solely focused on helping you narrow down the best sights to see in this country and find the perfect vacation spot for you.

See below for our top 10 places in the UK that are tailor made for a summer getaway.

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As petrol seems to be staying at a pretty steady high, the price is something that still concerns most of the UK public. Meaning more than ever people are looking for more ways that they can save money and conserve fuel.

This weeks blog is dedicated to giving you the best tips on how to get the most out of what you are putting in.

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While the summer is still here why not consider a fresh car to make the most out of these lovely weather conditions!

Take a look at our list below for our top five recommendation on how to get the most out of your car this summer.

Does the colour of your car reveal more about you than you might think? Well as it turns out this could be the case.

A report by Axalta states that the colour of the car you drive can be a psychological shortcut to express your personality and what you want the world to think about you.

Of course this is more of a fun study than a scientifically based observation, so you can take these observations with a pinch of salt, we hope you enjoy!

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