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Audi has long been a status symbol and one of the most recognisable names amongst premium car brands. Let’s take a look at what’s currently available

Whether you’re trading in your old car or buying your first used car, unless you’re a cash buyer, you’ll need some form of credit. If you know that your credit rating isn’t good, is nonexistent or you’re just too afraid to look, there are lots of things you can do to help you to get access to the funds you need.

For most of us, financing a car will be one of the biggest investments we make.  Aside from a home, we put more time, effort and money into a vehicle purchase than any other item. And rightly so - it’s something that we use most days - travelling to work, ferrying children to school, and getting us to our chosen leisure activities.  For some, driving their car is their chosen leisure activity.  
Families never travel light. Toys, gadgets, food, clothes, spare everything - there’s so much to pack...and that’s even before the children.  But while space must be the number one requirement when buying a family car, there are many more things to consider:
Year on year, UK new car sales have risen steadily since 2012, with used car sales recently  hitting a 10-year high. It’s good to know that the automobile market is doing well, but one can’t help but wonder how these purchases are funded  in our ever-changing economic environment.  
Buying a van to use for your business? Here are 8 golden rules which you should be sure to follow when you need an ideal workhorse that won’t let you down.
A hike in the tax paid on insurance premiums has hit us all, so we present some ideas for other ways you could save on the cost of your essential cover.
Motor Range explains how pimping your ride will probably cost you not just the price of the fancy add-ons but also a hefty hike in your insurance premiums.
The government last month (February) announced that it was raising the target for the proportion of van and car components which must be recycled, from the current 85% to 95%.
Find out how insurance firms are about to officially recognise large numbers of ‘new’ job titles to reflect the changing workforce as premiums look set to soar.