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Footy fever has hit the whole world over! While tensions rise, we’re lightening things up a bit with our motor-themed review of World Cup Group E. Enjoy!
FIFA World Cup 2018 is here. Could this be England’s year? Take a look at our opinion on the teams and some fun facts that we’ve collected for Group G. Kick off now!
The World Cup is the 4-yearly highlight of the footballing calendar. Who will triumph and who will crash out? Here’s our opinion on Group H, with some motoring facts thrown in for fun.

BMW dealers are getting set for a major influx of customers keen to get their hands on a new 5 Series when the model goes on sale in February.

Congratulations on your new car! Time to take it out on the road to see what it can do. Make sure that you choose a route worthy of your virgin drive with fascinating sights, challenging corners and let-loose straight runs to make it memorable.

Not so long ago, 4x4s and SUVs were a status symbol only within reach of the rich and famous - a Range Rover to drive on daddy’s estate, transport to the local polo match or the oversized vehicle of choice for City mums on the school run. Then, along came the crossover and suddenly everyone seemed to be driving at a higher level.

At over 2.6 million units, 2015 saw the highest number of newly registered cars ever sold in the UK. Yet this figure was outnumbered nearly 3 to 1 by more than 7 million used car sales.  So what makes a used car the more desirable buy for so many car owners?

Life is full of landmarks: birthdays, new relationships, new jobs, a growing family, each celebrated differently depending on your age and means at the time. Once you become a driver, these notable periods in your life can also warrant a change in car as your needs and budget vary.

Liverpool has lots to offer, from football to fashion, cuisine to culture. With so much to choose from, we take a look at the best in the city.

The new Motor Range car dealership showroom is here in Liverpool. Check out our new site with its extended range of 1000 used cars complete with the same great service and fantastic prices.