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GAP Insurance & Retail Price Protection

When drivers have their car written off through accident, fire or theft, they have to go through the ordeal of trying to replace it. They often discover that their insurance company will only pay the market value of the car at the time of the claim, which could be less than they originally paid for it.  Motor Range Asset Protection is designed to provide financial protection in the event of this, regardless of how you originally funded your purchase.

If you have paid for the car with a large deposit, the Return To Invoice (RTI) part of the policy could ensure you get back what you paid for the car.

If you are paying for the car on a finance agreement, then the Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) part of the policy makes sure that if your insurance pay-out falls short, you won’t be left with the outstanding finance. Asset Protection will pay out the greater of the Finance GAP or RTI amount, up to the purchase price of your car.

For peace of mind and for the protection your vehicle needs consider the cover that Motor Range Asset Protection can offer.