Not so long ago, 4x4s and SUVs were a status symbol only within reach of the rich and famous - a Range Rover to drive on daddy’s estate, transport to the local polo match or the oversized vehicle of choice for City mums on the school run. Then, along came the crossover and suddenly everyone seemed to be driving at a higher level.

With increased fuel economy and reduced emissions, the extra space, better visibility and a firmer grip on the road which comes with a 4-wheel drive has won over the car driving population, making this the fastest growing sector in the automotive market.

The problem with driving a bigger car is that it usually comes with a bigger price tag, but at Motor Range, we’ve got used 4x4s, SUVs and crossovers that are so cheap, it’s untrue, allowing you to make huge savings over the cost of a new model. We’ve gathered together some details of the most popular to help you decide which one might suit you:

1. Range Rover

It may be the stereotypical 4x4 but a Range Rover is no longer reserved for those with Barbour jackets and Hunter wellies. Deemed to be one of the more luxurious of the 4-wheel drives, the only discomfort you’ll feel when driving one of these will be from the eye-watering cost: at new, you can expect to pay upwards of £69,000.

Plump for one of the smaller models such as the Range Rover Evoque and you can still expect to pay more than £32,000. Why not save some of your cash on the purchase price and opt for a used model at a price of around £20,000?

2. Volvo XC60

Available in both 4x4 and 2-wheel drive, the XC60 is excellent for distance driving with an admirable 53 mpg or more. With the usual high-spec Volvo safety features, soft suspension and firm road grip, it has been touted as the best family SUV on the market.

If you’re considering an XC60 as a family car, you’ll no doubt appreciate any savings to be made. Choose a used car and you could be saving around £14,000 on the new drive away price of £32,000.

3. Kia Sportage

Another great family buy, the Sportage is a great all-rounder, available in a wide range of engine options, trim levels and 2 or 4-wheel drive.

While Kia may not be the most glamourous of makes, its popularity is on the rise, no doubt due to its unmatched 7-year warranty that provides peace of mind and makes the option of a second-hand purchase within that period very attractive indeed. If you decide to go down the used car route you could save yourself tidy bundle of at least £5,000 on the entry level Sportage cost of £17,000.

4. Ford Kuga

What this crossover vehicle lacks in 4x4 ability, it makes up for with performance and handling. A 5 star safety rating is achieved thanks to clever features such as Active City Stop, which helps prevent accidents in slow traffic, blind spot monitoring, drivers knee airbag, Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Keeping Alert.

At £20,500, the new model price is equally as sensible in terms of the rest of the market but you could easily save a decent amount by bagging a used Kuga at around £14,000 or less.

5. BMW X5

Spacious and well-equipped, the X5 has been one of the market leaders through 2 decades. It continues to provide big-car reassurance with a luxurious interior and up to 7 seats.

The X5 adapts to each individual driver thanks to Drive Performance Control which offers different levels of response to suit your driving style and Adaptive Dynamic Suspension for variable road handling. Price-wise, you’ll be able to pick up a used X5 for around £20,000, offering a huge saving on the new purchase price of just over £30,000.

6. Toyota RAV4

While it might not offer as long a warranty as the likes of Kia, the RAV4 comes complete with Toyota’s reputation of unbeatable reliability, which goes a long way when you are looking for a powerhouse vehicle.

The interior, including the boot, is vast, providing enough room to comfortably accommodate family, friends, pets, kit, luggage, or any combination of these. Opting for a used RAV4 at a price of around £18,000 could save you over £5,000 on the same model at new.

7. Dacia Duster

Cheap and cheerful, you’d expect the Duster to be a poor competitor in the increasing field of 4x4s, SUVs and crossovers. However, it manages to tick most of the boxes when it comes to economy, visibility and comfort.A top of the range Duster, complete with cruise control, trip computer, SAT NAV and reversing camera comes at a bargain £15,000 but with second hand models available at just over half that price, your bank account would thank you if you took a trip down the used car route.

8. Audi Q5

We can’t talk about 4x4s without mentioning Audi’s quattro 4-wheeled drive in the form of the Q5. Although its 4x4 capabilities have limits off-road, it still provides great handling in slippery road conditions. Sliding and reclining rear seats result in a flexible cabin space to keep even the tallest and/or luggage-laden passengers happy.

Audi quality doesn’t come cheap and you’ll be looking at a starting price of £28,000...all the more reason to take a look at a used Audi that could cost you a lot less.

9. Skoda Yeti

This seasoned 4x4 has excellent off-road talents, accessed via an off-road button on the dashboard that seamlessly adjusts the traction, hill descent and braking. As its name suggests, the Yeti is a solid looking vehicle with excellent safety credentials.

Although new models are reasonably priced at around £17,000 you could still expect to save around £6,000 on a 2-year-old version.

10. Nissan Qashqai

Available in front-wheel drive or 4x4, the Qashqai provides a particularly comfortable ride. With oodles of space and clever technology such as active brakes and body motion control to reduce jerkiness and smooth out bumps, it’s a pleasure to drive, making it one of the most popular vehicles of its class.

The 1.5 diesel engine is particularly economical to run, which makes the price of a used Nissan Qashqai at around £11,500 (approx half of the new model price) even more attractive.

11. Jaguar F-Pace

The F-Pace is the first SUV to be built by Jaguar who seems to have hit the nail directly on the head with its late entry to this particular vehicle class when it was named Auto Express 2016 Car of the Year.

Despite its imposing size, the F-Pace possesses the usual Jaguar style and grace, handling well in all conditions. With a new version costing upwards of £40,000, it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on the used car market where bargains are already beginning to appear.


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