BMW dealers are getting set for a major influx of customers keen to get their hands on a new 5 Series when the model goes on sale in February.

And even before the end of 2016, the hype had already begun, with the London Evening Standard, one of the first to take a test drive, calling it “roomy, comfortable and superbly made.”

But let’s face it, most of us don’t inhabit the same world as car buyers who - or more likely, whose employers - can afford to shell out anything upwards from a shade over £36k. And when we say ‘upwards’, we mean a long way upwards because, as has been BMW’s habit for a long time now, it likes to reel in buyers with what seem like fairly reasonable bottom-line purchase prices… then hit them big-time when they start to get tempted with all the extras from the options list, laid out like a beautifully presented buffet breakfast.

Presentation is something BMW’s making a lot of with the new model too, with a big emphasis on how much of the 5 Series has been filtered down from its big brother, the 7 Series.

As we’ve said, such luxury may be something BMW wants lots of drivers to aspire to - and no doubt many will - so until we can get our hands on a new-style 5 Series, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with the numbers. If you scour the market for a carefully-chosen and well looked-after used car (or five) you can avoid the hefty premium that you’d have to pay for this new model

We’ve even split this list into cars which we think suit various members of the family, so everyone can get plenty more use out of these selections than would ever be possible from a single 5 Series.

Here’s how you could fill your street - let alone your garage - with a host of quality motors which will set you back around the same as the £45,975 you’d pay for a new 530d:


BMW 4 SERIES 420D SE - 2.0L - 2013/63


Where better to start than with another Beemer? Because for some drivers, once they’ve sampled one of the Bavarians’ best, nothing else will do. This one’s a one-owner example of a car which the Sunday Times’ Driving reviewer called “as good to drive as it looks” back when it was the current model. The 4-Series is considered the most sporty BMW line, so much so that this one was also judged to be “great fun to drive; it will stick to its line around corners, even on poor road surfaces”.

PRICE* - £15,970





Should you need more space than the BMW 5 Series can offer, along with lots of family-friendly features, this is a great choice. At around the time this model was released, Autocar instantly made it their favourite MPV of the time, thanks to its sporty looks which set it apart from lots of its competitors. The Titanium falls in the middle of the range, and you can expect pretty impressive handling, which moved those Autocar reviewers to place it top of its class in that regard. You also can’t deny that, even a few years on, it still looks pretty sharp.

PRICE* - £11,670


AUDI A1 TDI SPORT (2011/11)



With the promise of 70-plus miles to the gallon, a diesel-engined version of Audi’s smallest hatch certainly sounds tempting. That’s especially the case when you can get your hands on a used one, as it means the previous owner will have shouldered the burden of taking their pick from Audi’s extensive options list, while you’re simply left to enjoy the fruits of their expense. A long-term tester at CAR magazine loved the car, summing it up as “quiet, refined, quick enough when I need it, with plenty of torque in reserve.”

PRICE* - £8,470


FIAT 500 1.2L POP (2013/63)



You’ll see plenty of this little Fiat around and about, as its chic looks and retro design touches have brought it lots of fans. It’s renowned for being easy to drive, and we hope that virtue will remain when the current model is replaced by a new one in 2017. But for now, this 500 has lots to recommend it, especially if you’ll be using it mainly as an urban runabout. Should you feel the need to take it to stretch its legs, you should be reassured by CAR magazine’s finding that: “While few will buy a Fiat 500 with long-distance cruising in mind, this is one city car that's not out of its depth on the motorway.”

PRICE* - £5,170

PEUGEOT 107 (2013/63)



With CO2 emissions of just 99g/km, this little runaround won’t cost a penny in road tax. Its dinky dimensions also mean you’ll find driving it around town a doddle. If you buy now, you’ll get a few months before you have to worry about getting it through its first MoT test. With many of the 107’s rivals bought as first cars for inexperienced young drivers, What Car? raised the important fact that it comes with a few handy safety features, including basic stability control, which no other cars in this class can boast. Add to this “capable handling and a great little engine”, and you’ve got a fine formula for a competent all-round small car.

PRICE* - £4,270

By our reckoning, if you were to snag all five of these cars, you’d still have £425 change. That’s enough to pay for a year’s standard road tax on our full selection of 5 cars, which comes in at a total of £340.

So that isn’t just the BMW fan of the family sorted, but Auntie Annie, eldest daughter Sharon, Grandad and our Billy too!

*Total price of all five cars quoted in this feature - £45,550. List price of 2017 BMW 530d - £45,975. All prices were correct at the time of writing, but may have changed, or no longer be available.

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