Whether you’re heading to a festival, out to work or just popping to the shops, music makes the journey better. And with most cars now combining music systems with phone connectivity and sat nav, a good in-car infotainment system can mean the difference between arriving chilled and raring to go… or getting lost and bored along the way!

Some of the top in-car infotainment systems don’t come included in the price of new cars, forcing you to pay a pretty penny for the upgrade. The great thing about buying a quality used car is that you’ll often find that the work has already been done for you with a top-of-the-range infotainment system already added, meaning more car for your money and better beats for your buck!

If music, connectivity and a sat nav are priorities on the list for your perfect car, where do you start looking? Here’s our list of seven of the best used car infotainment systems*. Take your pick!

Audi Connect

Screenshot of Audi MMi

If you’re an Audi fan, you’ll love the Audi infotainment system, fitted as standard to every Audi car. Featuring a dashboard-mounted display with fancy graphics and, depending on the model you choose, various controls including buttons, knobs and a console or steering wheel-mounted touchpad, you can make best use of Bluetooth and DAB radio.

The enhanced spec includes a 12.3” display, sat nav and voice control, together creating Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system with clear and crisp graphics that are easy to read. If you’re lucky, you might find a used Audi with a Bang & Olufsen upgrade, although the standard Audi sound system is still pretty good.

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BMW iDrive

Screenshot of BMW iDrive

The intuitive BMW infotainment system is designed with convenience in mind and operated via a handy dial on the centre console. Preset buttons allow you to store favourite radio stations, phone numbers or destinations to make full use of all of iDrive’s functions and minimise distraction when driving.

Sat nav is now standard on all BMW models (2015 and newer) with voice control or a click wheel. A split screen allows you to keep an eye on the directions while passengers choose the next tunes and download apps such as Spotify through the Connected Drive feature.

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Ford Sync

Screenshot of Ford Sync

A minimalist but logical layout provides a speedy response with Ford’s infotainment offering, Sync, now on its 3rd revision. The easy-to-follow screens  and voice control limit distractions while driving, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead. 

Connectivity is good with Bluetooth and USB options as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on newer models. With these, you’ll always have a good supply of music to choose from and enjoy using the steering wheel controls and six speakers (ten if you can get hold of a model with a Bang & Olufsen upgrade).

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Vauxhall Intellilink 

Screenshot of Vauxhall Intellilink

The Vauxhall infotainment system is responsive and easy to negotiate, with DAB radio, Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto all included as standard, and operated via the 7” touchscreen or voice controls. Combine these with a Denon sound system, comprising of eight speakers, bass subwoofer and 240 watt amplifier, and every drive becomes a party!

Upgrades and higher spec cars have an 8” touchscreen and sat-nav which, although accurate, is a bit fiddly to program. The OnStar option more than compensates for any glitches, providing WiFi hotspot, system updates and 24-hour emergency callout, for further convenience and peace of mind.

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Volkswagen Discover

Screenshot of Volkswagen Discover

Use the Volkswagen infotainment system, Discover, to control your car’s sat nav, connectivity and entertainment from one easy-to-use 6.5” or 8” touchscreen. Choose your route from fast, short or eco-friendly while you tune in to the four high-quality speakers using Bluetooth, CD drive, MP3 or AUX IN.

Eight function buttons surround the screen for easy switching between applications which load quicker than most of the competition. Phone pairing is swift too and with Apple CarPlay as standard (post 2016 models), flicking through your playlist is a breeze too!

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Volvo Sensus

Screenshot of Volvo Sensus

Volvos are known for being straightforward and practical, and the Volvo infotainment system, Sensus is no exception. Simple graphics and easy-to-use menus are just a couple of the features that make entertaining, navigation and connectivity a doddle.

The standard, high-performance audio system has 10 speakers, including tweeters and woofers, and is operated via the steering wheel, touchscreen or voice control. Track down a Bowers & Wilkins or Harman Kardon audio upgrade for an even more superior sound.

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Mercedes COMAND

Screenshot of Mercedes COMAND

The functionality of the Mercedes infotainment system, COMAND, makes up for its less than glamorous on-screen appearance. Two-way voice controls mean that there’s no need for you to look at the screen at all while driving, even when using the six-speaker sound system.

A 7” touchscreen is offered as standard with upgraded version boasting a 9” version with 3-D maps and better graphics. Operated using a scroll wheel and centre console touchpad, COMAND is an expensive optional extra on a new Merc so when you find it in a used car, you’d be mad not to grab it! 

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Whatever your taste in music, Apple or Android phone loyalty, you’ll find most in-car entertainment and information systems make every drive easier and more enjoyable. Just jump in, connect your phone, whack on the tunes and away you go…

At Motor Range, a test drive doesn’t just have to be a quick spin - it’s also an ideal opportunity to try out the infotainment system too. Pop down to our Liverpool showroom to discover your perfect car and infotainment system today! 

* NB: All features are model-dependent.