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With the recent release of BMW's newest model, the i8, we have decided to take a look at how the make we have all grown to love began, and how it became one of the biggest leaders in the automotive sector.

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Where it began!

It may surprise you to know that BMW did not begin in the automotive sector rather they were a highly acclaimed producer of aircraft engines. BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) were formed in 1916 and it wasn’t until 1928 they began to manufacture cars with its first model; the Austin Seven. In 1929 BMW branched into manufacturing motorbikes with its headline making Ernst Henne that could reach 134.56mph at its top speed.

The Next Level

The 30s took BMW to the next level with the introduction of their 303 saloon as it was BMW first six cylinder engine. The 30s also saw the iconic BMW 328 launch in 1936, this model revolutionised the 2.0-litre sports car and helped set the make apart from the rest.

This decade saw BMW grow and expand its range of models into some of the most sought after cars on the market.

Onto bigger and better...

After the success of the 30s BMW took a 5 year production break and after the destruction of their Munich plant in a 1944 air raid, BMW started anew and began to make technology advancements as well as adjusting to the post war era for car manufacturing and began to produce even better models than before with the likes of the 502 V8 and the 507.

From then on BMW went from strength to strength and in 1962 they were renowned with creating the best sport saloons, however they didn’t just stay there, they went on to produce very popular sedans and coupés such as the 2800 CS.

In the 70s their production scale became bigger and better than ever as they opened up more manufacturing plants and in the 90s a partnership with Rolls-Royce helped the firm to continue their research and development in their original market; aircraft engines.

Today, almost 100 years from when they were originally founded, they have become a household name not only for their groundbreaking engines but for their stylish design.

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