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As you will know, we have entered into The Blog Awards UK and this years theme is called “Be Bold” which got us thinking…

How can you be bold in the automotive sector? But most importantly how can our customers be bold in their choices for their next car?

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1) Number 1 may seem a little obvious but here it is… colour! A vibrant colour such as a sunshine yellow or a dazzling green will certainly set you apart from the crowd. A bright coloured car has a way of drawing attention and is the easiest way to make a statement whilst getting from A to B.

2) To be bold doesn’t always mean that it is in your face, a more subtle way of making a statement can be through the style of the car. This is something that can be specific to you and can give you room to present your personality to the world and depending on the design it can certainly catch people's eyes.

3) Go green! No I don’t mean the colour, a bold statement can simply be by doing things differently! There is a great range of hybrid cars now available that are dedicated to helping the environment and simply stepping away from conventional methods is in itself being bold!

4) Lastly, the interior! A bold statement doesn’t just have to be one that can be seen from the outside, a jazzy interior can make an even greater impression simply because of the variety you can have. With the interior, the sky's the limit and can be filled with personalisations and bright colours! So go wild :)

We hope you have enjoyed this week's article and we hope we have given you some new ways to be bold with your car. Don’t forget to join in the conversation by tweeting us at @MotorRange using the hashtag #MRBeBold.

Remember cars are meant to be enjoyed and adding some personality can make the experience even better.

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