Energetic Explorer - What 4x4 Car Should I Buy?

Sometimes there’s just not enough! Enough time, enough space and above all enough cash! As an Energetic Explorer, there’s so much to do and see, yet so little time so you try to cram in all of your adventures into one capable car. You need a big car to handle your big plans and room to bring some family and friends along too.

Take a break from your next challenge and head to Motor Range for a safe bet - we make car buying so easy! With your active lifestyle, there’s plenty on offer in our huge range of cars and vans. While you might not be sure of your next adventure, we know where you’re coming from - space, more space, practicality and manoeuvrability are key… and did we mention space?

Whether your boot is usually filled with camping equipment, climbing gear, wellies or a muddy dog, we’ve got just the thing - SUVs and 4x4s built to handle the trickiest of conditions with reliability that’ll keep you going on and on and on and on…

Of course our selection of cars for Energetic Explorers are equally suited to the school run, a shopping trip or a daily commute, providing you can find a parking space big enough!

So stop living life on the edge for a moment and make your next car choice a sure thing at Motor Range. Take a look at some of the best 4x4s on offer:

Mitsubishi Outlander

Grey Mitsubishi Outlander

The best selling hybrid in the UK, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is perfect for an adventure, on or off-road! Its 2.0L petrol/electric combo engine provides enough towing power to pull a horsebox or trailer and 1,480 litres of boot space (with the seats down) gives you plenty of space for additional kit.

At over 1.7 metres, the Outlander is the tallest but narrowest of our pick of 4x4s, offering a bird’s eye view of your destination. Of course a big car shouldn’t give you an economical ride but this petrol hybrid allows an amazing 148 MPG! With one tank and one charge giving you up to 500 miles to play with at 44g/km of CO2 which puts it in the zero-rated car tax band for models built before April 2017.

Voted 2017’s most reliable large SUV by What Car?, the Outlander won’t leave you stranded and with the diesel version offering 2 extra good sized seats, you can take up to 6 passengers with you on your next adrenaline-filled expedition.

Honda CR-V

RedHonda CR-V

There’s a real danger that you might actually get lost in the boot of the Honda CR-V! With 589 litres (1,669 litres with the back seats down) you’ll surely have difficulty finding enough to fill it. Or will you?

It’s a comfy ride too, with lumbar supports in the front seats and recliners in the rear. It goes without saying that thanks to the large cabin size, there’s plenty of headroom and legroom throughout. Heated and curved electric wing mirrors make it easier to see past your car to the traffic behind and to the side, reducing blind spots.

Great handling, cruise control, stability control and dual zone climate control ensures that everyone arrives at your destination relaxed, refreshed and raring to go.

Kia Sportage

Silver Kia Sportage

A fantastic manufacturer’s warranty makes the Kia Sportage a very popular choice for a used 4x4. At 7 years, you’ll almost certainly have a chunk of the warranty left when you purchase a pre-loved Sportage. Kia has also been voted joint top in the most reliable car brand stakes (along with Volvo) so buying a Kia Sportage should go against all of your risk-taking instincts!

If your adventures are on firm ground, you can opt for the 2-wheel-drive but if you’re heading to green spaces and muddy fiends, stick with the 4x4.

An easy to operate touchscreen with reversing camera and sat nav (model dependent) puts connectivity, trip computer and entertainment within short reach of the driver.

In the rear, there’s a luggage net and coat hooks to keep all your kit safe as well as a 12v power point in the boot for handy charging. A cooled glove box helps to store handy snacks and drinks - you can’t complete an adventure on an empty tum!

Volvo XC60

White Volvo XC60

There’s no doubt about it, the Volvo XC60 is a great looking car. Add to this the admiration you’ll get for driving a Volvo - if the Swedes don’t know how to rise to a motoring challenge, no one does - and you’ve got a car that every Energetic Adventurer would be keen to own!

Along with Kia, Volvo is thought to be the most reliable car brand on the road today - perfect for those trips to remote mountains or far flung beaches in search of a climbing or surfing thrill. Choose the 4x4 option and you’ll be more likely to make it off the beach before the tide comes in!

You’ll find all the luxuries you’d expect to make every adventure an enjoyable one. Split folding seats, lumbar support, illuminated leather gear stick, even a grocery bag holder and a place to put your parking ticket!

There’s a whiplash protection system to help keep you safe if anything unexpected happens, and dynamic stability, roll stability and City Safety autonomous braking to try to ensure that nothing unexpected ever will, no matter where your adventures take you!

Take a break from your Energetic Exploring and start planning a new expedition in a quality used 4x4 from Motor Range. We can’t wait to be part of your adventure.