Racy Runabout - What Compact Car Should I Buy?

So, you’ve just spent a fortune in driving lessons, you might also be spending cash on rent, buying books or equipment and let’s not forget the food bill! Still, you need a Racy Runabout to get you from A to B since with all the studying and trying to get a foot on the work ladder, who has time to wait for a bus?

Or you might be fed up with trying to find a parking space for a larger motor and looking for something a bit more compact - after all you’re only going to be sitting in the traffic jams heading to and from work… maybe the odd shopping trip or night out with the gang thrown in.

Either way, what you’re looking for is a reliable motor that’s cheap to buy and, more importantly, cheap to run. And let’s face it, you also want to impress your friends so while we’d like to say that looks aren’t everything, they’re pretty high up on the list.

If you’re an experienced driver, you know that there are better ways to spend your money than on huge insurance premiums. And if you’re a young or new driver, you might be up against it when trying to find reasonable insurance costs. Choosing a car with a small engine, no modifications and few optional extras, you’ll be able to find something special at Motor Range that doesn’t cost you the earth to insure.

Take a look at our pick of the best compact cars on the UK roads and in stock at Motor Range:

Ford Fiesta

Blue Ford Fiesta

The best selling car in the the UK for 40 years, the Ford Fiesta has a lot to offer young drivers, new drivers and anyone looking for a good looking, economical motor. You’ll find it a bit roomier than its little sister, the Ford KA, with more space for friends and a bit of luggage if you fancy a weekend away.

It’s not all about being practical. With a range of trims available, you can easily find the best of both worlds - functionality with a touch of bling. The 1.0L ST line, for example, has an MPG of more than 62 and a very sensible road tax cost (thanks to its low CO2 emissions) which balances out prestige features like sports front seats, illuminated cup holders, rear spoiler and metallic paint.

All of the usual connectivity is there too - DAB radio, voice controlled Bluetooth and USB connection - to keep you tuned in without distracting you from the road.  Add in the quirky but really useful MyKey function to set a maximum speed and seatbelt reminder, and you’ll have yourself one safe motor that’s the envy of your friends.

Vauxhall Corsa

Yellow Vauxhall Corsa

If you need to keep costs down, take a look at the Vauxhall Corsa which has one of the lowest insurance costs on the road. Pick a 1.2 petrol engine and you could be looking at an insurance class as low as 7. Even the more powerful CDTi only has an insurance class of 9 which it more than makes up for with an amazing 80 MPG. You can’t get much more economical than that!

You’ll also find everything that you need for a comfortable driving experience - adjustable steering column and multi function steering wheel, height adjustable seat belts and easy entry memory front seats. Practical details such as side impact protection beams, traction control, hill start assist, speed limiter, speed sensitive power steering and tyre pressure monitoring system will keep you safely on the straight and narrow.

For entertainment on the move, Apple car play/Android Auto, DAB radio and 6 speakers with Bluetooth will keep you occupied as you whizz around to college, work and perhaps squeeze a little bit of fun in between.

Fiat 500

Blue Fiat 500

With its retro styling and rainbow of colour options, the Fiat 500 has fashion and fun written all over it! Add to this the easy handling of one of the most compact cars on the market and you’ve got the perfect motoring package for city driving.

Get comfy in the memory driver and passenger seats with auto climate control as you park in places other cars can only dream of reaching. Driving features such as traction control, brake assist and hill hold go hand in hand with a load of safety features like driver’s knee airbag that will help to keep you safe on the road.

So, you’ll never get much more than a few shopping bags or your gym gear and laptop in the boot, but what you will get is a pretty economical runabout at around 60 MPG and insurance class of 9-12. You’ve even got the option of a fold down roof - you can’t get much cooler than that!

Volkswagen Golf

Silver VW Golf

Another favourite on the UK roads, and also with a 40 year history, the VW Golf has plenty of choice too. Known for its solid build, the Golf has quality written all over it but if you’re a young and eager new driver, we’re guessing that it’s the range of engines and trims that’ll attract you, from 1.4L petrol to 2.0L diesel engines.

With a bigger engine, you’ll pay the penalty of a larger insurance bill but emissions (and therefore road tax) stays relatively low no matter what the engine size, with the petrol producing around 55 MPG and the diesel producing around 62 MPG on a good run.

Ture to form with VW quality, you’ll find a lot of kit you’d only expect to see on a larger car - like adjustable steering wheel, armrests, storage boxes, cooled glovebox and variable height boot floor.

You’ll feel confident on the road too with adaptive cruise control and pedestrian detection, while parking sensors will ensure you have an easy and accurate end to your journey - even in the tightest of parking spaces.

Whizz over to Motor Range on Dunnings Bridge Road, Liverpool or Northway, Maghull to find the perfect Racy Runabout.