Eco Traveller - What Eco Car Should I Buy?

Driving a stylish car needn’t cost a bomb or the earth! As an Eco Traveller, you’ll be keen to find a car that’ll be cheap to tax and insure, as well as economical to run. You’ll also be glad to hear that when you find a car that’s easy on your purse (or wallet), it’s often fairly easy on the environment too.

With practical features such as a trip computer to help you keep an eye on your fuel usage and cruise control so you can set an economical speed, you’ll be able to spend your savings on a trip to that fancy new vegan restaurant or make a donation to the RSPCA.

If you look after your car properly, it’ll run even more efficiently, with parts lasting longer and every gallon of fuel going that little bit further. So don’t forget that once you’ve found your ideal car, keep it running in tip top condition with regular servicing.

With a wide range of economical cars, as well as hybrids and electrics, the sky really is the limit when it comes to choosing your next car from Motor Range! Take a look at some of our top picks for the Eco Traveller:

Nissan LEAF

Red Nissan LEAF

You can’t get much greener than the Nissan LEAF. One of the first all-electric cars, it’s been around long enough for any wrinkles to be ironed out. It’s a great alternative fuel car that looks-wise can give petrol or diesel cars a run for their money!

With light and responsive steering, the LEAF is excellent in and around town and easy braking, traction control and hill start mean that you’ll always be in charge. Of course, being electric, there’ll be no road tax to pay and with a full battery charge capable of an excess of 150 miles, you’ll be zooming around, emission-free in no time.

Five doors mean easy access for the whole family or a group of friends, although on longer trips you’ll have to make sure that you’ve got easy access to a charging point at your destination. You and your passengers can travel easy, protected with a selection of airbags and the Pro Pilot system, which will steer, accelerate and brake the car, to react to road markings and the car in front.

Peugeot 108

Purple Peugeot 108

For a neat little car with neat little emissions, take a look at the Peugeot 108. Its compact size and tight turning circle also means that you won’t be burning off loads of fuel driving around looking for a big parking space. At just 3.4 metres, you’ll surely fit into the smallest of spaces.

Emissions are under 100g/km throughout the range, resulting in low (if not zero) road tax payments while the economic engine can manage up to 68.9 mpg. There’s even a tyre pressure monitor to ensure optimum efficiency at all times.

Just because you’re being economical doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. BluetoothⓇ connectivity, seven-inch multifunction display screen with DAB radio, USB and AUX will help you keep in touch with friends, family or the next passenger pick up on your car-share route.

Hyundai i10

Grey Hyundai i10

At around 60 mpg and a low, low insurance group, you’ll find the Hyundai i10 amazingly economical to run. With emissions of just 114 g/km or less, you can be sure that your car’s pollutions are lower than most other cars on the road.

For a small car, there’s little road or engine noise to ruin your enjoyment of a day out to the country or your weekly trek to the recycling centre. Economical driving is helped by ESC, hill assist, cruise control and a trip computer so you’ll always be able to keep an eye on your fuel usage.

Inside, you’ll find (optional) leather trim and plenty of storage options such as front console, illuminated glove box, door pockets and bottle holders. The exterior boasts front fog lights and cornering light, rear spoiler and heated wing mirrors so you can stay safe on the road while looking good. Who says economy needn’t look good?

Toyota Aygo

Orange Toyota Aygo

Compact and fun to drive, the Toyota Aygo doesn’t just look good, it handles like a dream too! The wide selection of colours and trims means that you can let your own independence shine through, whether in the city, on the country roads or parked outside your own home. It has all the usual comfort features such as cup holders - for your reusable coffee cups - and door bins throughout to help keep you organised and minimise littering.

Extra luxury comes from body coloured bumpers and door handles, and tinted rear windows (some models) which allow you to blend into the unspoilt beautiful surroundings. A touch of chrome trim means that you’ll always attract a second glance from admiring onlookers.

The Toyota engine feels a lot more powerful than you’d expect from a 1.0L, in a sporty kind of way! We’re sure you’ll love the way the Aygo drives, the free road tax (pre-17 plate) and the 69 MPG that comes with it!

Drive, cycle or walk down to either of the Motor Range showrooms on Dunnings Bridge Road, Liverpool or Northway, Maghull to inspect the rest of the eco cars we have on offer.