Did you know you could save money by choosing a car in a low insurance group? People who purchase cars in low groups pay lower premiums than those for higher groups. A group rating panel sets the groups. Members of the committee include Lloyds Market Association and the Association of British Insurers.

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre administers the group. When the panel meets, new car models are assigned to a group ranging from 1 to 50. Group 1 is the cheapest to insure. High-performance models are typically placed in the highest groups and bring the most expensive insurance premiums.

Here are three examples of cars in Group 1 that carry low insurance premiums:

Citroen C1

This vehicle is a modern car with easy handling and urban style. It is ideal as a city run around car. Visual continuity between the side windows and windscreen gives the C1 a distinctive look. The vehicle has daytime running LEDs. It has hi-tech, upbeat vertical lights that showcase the car’s innovative character and sassy style. Everyday life is made simpler with the interior design features.

Fiat Panda

The Panda is a funky-looking and endearing little car that is economical to operate. It is different from its rivals that are similar in size. Rivals are considered economy or city cars. The Panda is an essential car that owners often possess as their only car. The latest Panda models have improved safety equipment, technology, and comfort. This vehicle has a harmonious, modern look. There is a major reduction in vibration and noise from the road, the wind, and engine.

Hyundai i10

The inspiration for the award-winning i10 comes from simple, stylish, but clever products demanded by consumers. The vehicle is sophisticated with a sense of fun. It is effortlessly grown up, energetic, and good looking. The classic, chic demeanor has fluid sculpture styling. A challenging simplicity in modern design is achieved by the placement of controls, dashboard, and seating. These items provide the optimum in comfort and convenience.

Having an enjoyable car to drive does not mean the vehicle has to be a high-powered super car. The cars featured here will put a smile on your face without having to pay a costly insurance premium. Cars in low insurance groups are also typically cheap to run and cost less to purchase than vehicles in high insurance groups. Cheap cars garner lower insurance rates than more expensive vehicles because repair costs are more affordable. There is a lower threshold value to ‘total’ a car, after an accident than cars with a high price tag.

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