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A Car for Every Decade of Your Life

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Big cars, compact cars, sporty cars, economical cars - which car is the right one for you? Every driver is different so, at the end of the day, only you can decide. However, at Motor Range, we’ve noticed a pattern when it comes to matching the ages of our buyers with their ideal car. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that most decisions are based on lifestyle and budget, which is often determined by the driver’s stage in life.


Older drivers may have more disposable income to spend on cars as their careers progress and their kids leave home. On the other hand, young drivers usually need to keep costs down, at least until their careers (and motor insurance history) are established.

Somewhere in between, you might find your family expanding which calls for a different kind of car entirely. Each car change should be exciting and fun, as it marks a new era in your life.

So, if you’re looking for your next (or first) car, here are some observations that might help steer you in the right direction…

and 20s

Young drivers very often have a small budget, so you’ll need a car that is reasonably priced.

The good news is that if you’re over 18, finance options allow you to spread the cost of your car over several years.

If you still live at home, have a part time job, an apprenticeship or a blossoming career this could provide all the funds you need, along with a little help from bank of mum and dad.

You’ll be looking for a reliable car with affordable insurance, that’s easy to manoeuvre and economic to run. Of course, you’ll also want to impress your friends with jaw-dropping looks. Sound like a tall order? Nah, a hatchback is perfect and we have plenty of options!



For many drivers, family life tends to take over once you hit your 30s. You may find yourself waving goodbye to the hatchback in favour of a more spacious car, such as an estate or MPV - all perfectly practical for a handful of kids, a buggy and some shopping.

Families don’t come cheap, so economy is still a huge factor. Either you or your partner may have decided to take a career break to care for your children and it’s important to make sure your next car fits in with your budget!

With a used car, you can get more for your money, including a few swanky features, such as tinted windows, panoramic windscreen and LED daytime running lights. Who said parents have to be sensible?



Car buyers in this age group mostly still have family priorities but, after a couple of promotions and return to work after a baby-break, for example, budgets are often increased. Time to say hello to cars with a bit more oomph - we’re talking luxury 4x4s and saloons.

If you’ve got older kids, you’ll probably find them trying to muscle in on your decision, eager to persuade you to commit to a car with great looks, a decent stereo, good connectivity and more charging sockets than you can shake an iPhone at.

With car technologies and driver assistance features improving all the time, you might just want to update your motor to make the most of the latest gadgets.



Some might call it a mid-life crisis. We call it re-prioritising. The kids have left home, your career is flying, you might have even paid off your mortgage. Why not reward yourself with a nicer car for a job well done?

You might want to move away from your sensible and practical family car to a fun and frivolous runabout. So coupés, convertibles and sporty saloons are the order of the day. Make the most of having the car to yourself and enjoy top-end features such as leather interior, great sound system and advanced driver assistance that will make every drive even more enjoyable.

Not to mention all of the admiring glances you’ll get. Proving it’s not just the youngsters that can turn heads!


60s and

After retirement, many drivers find themselves looking at spacious cars for the second time, this time for comfort rather than for family. Gone are the awkward sports cars, replaced by cars with higher driving positions, which are easier to get in and out of.

As a doting grandparent, you might still find yourself with a car full of kids, but on your days off from babysitting, you’ll be able to fit in your golf clubs or a couple of suitcases for that long weekend away.

Crossover SUVs are perfect for the job - easy to handle around town and further afield so you can enjoy your leisure time without worry… just because you can!