Motoring journalists have been falling over themselves to praise the latest Mercedes E-Class, even going so far as to widely compare it with the model next up the range, the S-Class limousine.

“The new Mercedes E-Class looks and feels very much like a baby S-Class from behind the wheel – and there are few bigger compliments than that,” concluded the What Car? review team.

Of course, on the motorway or around our main trunk roads is where you’re most likely to come across an E-Class, and the same reviewers were suitably impressed with how at home the car was in such surroundings: “Those looking for a saloon in which to spend the kind of time, over a three-year ownership period, that other breeds of new car simply don’t see will be delighted with the robustness and usability of what’s on show,” they commented.

“Interior quality is one of the Mercedes’ strongest suits. The E-Class pips the 5 Series for quality and even matches the A6, yet it has a far more flamboyant-looking interior than both of those cars, which many buyers will appreciate. The materials used to construct the cabin are mostly classy and the buttons and switches, in the main, operate with precision,” they went on to say.


Low-Down Power

All these fine words should be good news to you if you’re thinking now might be the time to take a look at a used Mercedes E-Class.

And you should be reassured that the previous model, which was on sale from 2009 to early 2017, is now being widely touted as a solid used buy.

The earlier model was the most aerodynamic in the world for several years - certainly, if you’ve ever seen an E-Class in the flesh, you’ll remember its low-slung curves which surround a distinctive two-door coupe-style body.

The entry model, the E250 CDi BlueEfficiency coupe, boasted the most state-of-the-art engine in the new E-Class, which delivered its maximum level of power from a very civilised 1,600rpm, so meant the car was far more than just an effortless cruiser - it would also be incredibly relaxed and flexible in town traffic.

More impressive figures were promised, in the shape of the engine’s 36 per cent more power than the four-cylinder diesel which it replaced, combined with a promise of up to 17 per cent better fuel economy. This translated into an official combined mpg figure of 53.3. And that slippery shape also helped the car’s green credentials, giving it an official CO2 emissions figure of 139g/km. That’s why lots of Mercedes E-Classes found themselves in the hands of company car drivers during the eight-year reign of the earlier version.


The Inside Story

Despite its slippery external looks, Mercedes gave lots of thought to making it as easy as possible for passengers to access, and haul themselves out of, the back seats of an E-Class. Meanwhile, if you’re not carrying back-seat passengers and want extra luggage space, the backs of both seats can be easily folded down flat. When in use, the back seats give surprisingly generous headroom, meaning that most adults will enjoy a comfortable ride if they’re forced to travel in the back.

Driver and passenger safety was also a strong suit of this car. It comes with seven airbags as standard, along with belt tensioners and belt force limiters on all seats, as well as crash-responsive head restraints for the driver and front passenger, which in the Coupé model made for what Mercedes claimed was the most comprehensive array of safety features in this vehicle category.

Driver, front-seat passenger, and those in the back can all set the air temperature, and even the force of that air, to suit their individual needs.  


You’re Looking Trim

There were just three trim levels on offer in the original E-Class: SE, Avantgarde and AMG Line. The first of these gets most of the things you’ll want, including 16-inch wheels, heated seats (not leather at this level, though), and climate control.

The next-up Avantgarde model cost an extra £2,495 at new, and for that drivers got bigger wheels, real leather seats, LED tail lights and adaptive headlights which ‘follow’ the steering and are designed to illuminate more of the road ahead, especially around corners. For an extra £1,500, buyers could get the Sport model, with sports seats, AMG bodykit, 18-inch wheels and leather steering wheel. When you’re looking at a used Mercedes-Benz E-Class, you should expect to pay a little extra for the metallic paint shades which gave the car a more upmarket look. The good news though is that their popularity should make them reasonably easy to find.


Diesel Do Nicely

The E220 and E250 CDI models were by far the most popular, but CAR magazine firmly recommended the latter, saying, “you’ll certainly notice the extra punch and pay no penalty at the pumps.”

It rounded off by saying: “The new E-class is a seriously impressive car. Refined, comfortable and packed with useful safety kit, it’s everything we hoped a new mid-sized Mercedes would be.”

That verdict tallied with the consensus at What Car?, which concluded: “The E-Class makes more of a case for itself than any other mainstream Merc. It’s elegant, classy, well equipped and good to drive.”



Is The Price Right?

From new, you could’ve expected to pay upwards of £30k for the privilege of owning a Mercedes E-Class. But today, according to used car valuation experts Parkers, you could get a 2009 E200 coupe from just over £7,000. A 2009 E-Class saloon, for example an E200 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY SE four-door, is likely to be even cheaper, the same source quoting prices from £5,635. If you could run to about double this figure, you could get a 2016 version of the same car - a clear demonstration of how depreciation, especially on top-end executive cars, can really work in your favour if you’re looking to buy used.


What Owners Say

There’s a wealth of information provided by real owners of Mercedes E-Class cars, who have had them since new, or bought them second-hand.

One who gave his views to the Parkers website, Scott Wilkinson, praised his E220 CDI for being “great” to drive - “knock it into sport mode and it's off like a shot,” he said, adding that the sensors fitted to the car meant it was easy to park.

A further review, from Brian Rees, a retired owner, said: “I've owned some really nice lower premium sector cars over the years but everybody who's seen the E220 [has] commented on how beautiful the car looks” and, "I never seen one of these before" [sic]. He also concluded that he would “definitely” buy the same car again, and added: “there's nothing out there to compare with it on price, looks and practicality.”

We’ll give the final word to another Parkers reviewer, Chris Gardner, who wrote: “My mates are very jealous and my mum keeps asking to get on the insurance. I think that's a good sign.”

With the new model selling so well, we’re always looking to offer you a good choice of used Mercedes E-Class models here at Motor Range. Check our latest stocks available and get detailed information and specs from our website, then come and see us at our prominent and easy-to-find new site on Dunnings Bridge Road.