Both of these best selling Ford hatchbacks are well loved here in the UK, but which comes out on top? We’ve pitted the family-favourite Focus and the fun, compact Fiesta against each other to help you decide which is right for you. Let the battle commence… 



Model shown: Ford Focus ST-Line X

The Focus and Fiesta are both well-designed, stylish cars. There’s a selection of trim levels available, such as Titanium and ST-Line, and each offers slightly different exterior design features. 

Combining family car practicality with sporty looks, the Focus is easily recognisable by its strong, distinctive body lines and large front grille. The more compact Fiesta shares many of the same design cues, but its smaller size makes it easier to park in tight spaces which is especially useful if you’re a new driver or frequently drive in the city. But don’t worry too much if you’re not a confident parker, as both the Fiesta and Focus are available with parking sensors on certain trims which provide an extra help.

Overall, in terms of comparing exterior looks, it really comes down to personal preference. Whether you go for the Focus or the Fiesta, you’re getting a well-built car that’ll get you where you need to be in style. 


Driving performance

The Focus and Fiesta share a similar range of engine options across the range, which includes Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost. This turbocharged three-cylinder engine is a great choice for the Fiesta, which weighs almost 200kg less than the Focus. The Fiesta is definitely the nippier car with this EcoBoost engine, achieving 0-62mph in 1.5 seconds less than its sibling.

So if you’re considering the Focus, the diesel engine option may be a good idea if you want a little more power. This engine packs more of a punch whilst improving fuel economy, which is especially useful if you cover lots of motorway miles. 

When it comes to handling, the Focus and the Fiesta each score highly in their respective classes. Both are competent around corners, light yet precise, and inspire confidence on the roads. Why not take each for a test drive to see which you prefer? 



Model shown: Ford Fiesta ST-Line X

Once you open the doors, you’ll notice the Focus and Fiesta have a similar modern design theme boasting high quality materials. With plenty of steering wheel adjustments in both cars, it’s easy to find your perfect driving position and get comfortable behind the wheel. 

Although the Focus is slightly bigger with 5cm more legroom in the back, both cars can comfortably fit four adults. In terms of boot space, the Focus prevails with 316-litres compared to the Fiesta’s 290-litres, so it’s a better choice for large families. But if you need more boot space yet, you could always go for the Focus Estate which boosts it up to 476-litres.


Technology & Infotainment 

Model shown: Ford Fiesta Titanium

A broad range of different technologies is available with the Focus and the Fiesta. The level of spec you get depends on which trim you choose, but even the entry-level Focus, called the Zetec, and the entry-level Fiesta Trend offer a good amount of standard tech. Generally speaking though, the pricier Focus offers a few extra features on its trims versus the Fiesta. 

Newer models feature a whole host of fantastic convenience features to make driving easier, as well as Ford’s SYNC 3 technology as standard. This comes with a sleek 8-inch touchscreen display and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which will keep you connected on your journeys. 

Which is the winner in your eyes? Let us know if you prefer the Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus over on our social media pages. Or if you’re still unsure, stop by our showroom in Bootle for a browse and a test drive to help you decide!