‚ÄčNissan Juke - the First of its Kind

Ever since the Nissan Juke was introduced in 2010, it has been polarizing the automotive world because of its brave and unconventional design. In short, it was the first really quirky crossover with presence that just couldn’t be forgotten. More importantly, the buyers all over the world loved it for its peculiar charm, and soon the Juke became the definitive it-car in the rapidly expanding crossover SUV class.

What made the Juke universally popular was the fact that it offered much more than just offbeat looks. Nissan’s trademark quality also attracted the buyers to go for this car, and since initial sales of 22,228 examples in 2010, the Juke annually sold in hundreds of thousands on the European market, which put it high on the list of Europe’s best-selling small SUVs in recent years.

In Great Britain, this little charmer enjoys quite a popularity as well, meaning that there’ll always be a great used Nissan Juke deal out there on the market. Nissan Juke has been the choice of individuals as well as small families, and apart from quality and looks, it offered good fuel economy, and decent resale value.

The Looks You Can’t Ignore





In today’s automotive world, distinctive looks are usually reserved for the unobtainable, and to offer such an unconventional car in the most conservative family-friendly segment was a brave move on Nissan’s behalf. Stepping out of the circle of boring design turned out to be a smart play, because the Juke proved that a car can be both affordable and unique, with the personality way bigger than its price range.

The competitors responded accordingly, with Citroën and Renault introducing C4 Cactus and Captur respectively, as well as Toyota and Honda with the latest iterations of CH-R and HR-V. The Juke was slightly revised in 2014, and apart from a few exterior tweaks, it got more standard equipment, such as rear-view camera, keyless start and LED daytime lights.

The brave design had its limitations though, and the Nissan Juke is a bit cramped in the back, and it’s also lacking boot space. But, for families with small children or younger individuals who’ll use it as a daily city commuter, that shouldn’t be an issue at all. If you are looking for a used Juke, you’ll be glad to know that the car scored five stars on Euro NCAP crash tests, with 87% for adult occupants and 81% for child occupants, which is a better score than most of its direct competitors.

Urban Power



Initially, the Juke was offered with three engine choices, two petrol-powered and one turbocharged diesel. Both petrol units measured 1.6 litres. The first was a naturally aspirated 117 horsepower inline-four, while the other was a more potent 1.6 DIG-T turbocharged version that measured 190 hp. The turbodiesel inline four had 110 horsepower coming from a 1.5 litre engine.

In 2013, the range was expanded with two more engines, one 1.6 litre petrol unit with 94 horsepower and a 200 horsepower 1.6 turbocharged petrol engine powering the tuned NISMO version. The hot version of the Nissan Juke also got a new body kit, larger rims, upgraded interior, and specially tuned suspension and steering. The newest addition to the range is the DIG-T 1.2-litre turbo with 115 horsepower.

The Juke was offered with front wheel drive as standard, and all-wheel drive in all turbocharged petrol variants, except for the 1.2 litre DIG-T 115. Naturally aspirated engines got 5-speed manual transmission, while all turbocharged variants got 6-speed manual as standard, including the diesel one. CVT transmission was available on all but turbodiesel and the least powerful petrol variant.

In everyday city traffic, every version of the Nissan Juke offers more than decent performance, as this car was primarily conceived as an urban crossover SUV which is rarely driven out of the city. However, if your driving habits include daily highway commutes, you should avoid the base 1.6 litre unit and choose a turbocharged version which has a bit more power under the bonnet. Our best pick would be a 1.6 DIG-T version as it offers decent power figures. But, if fuel economy is your biggest concern, you should go for the diesel version as Nissan claims that it can go up to an astonishing 70.6 mpg.

Brave Styling at a Fair Price





The base Nissan Juke starts at £14,880, while the priciest non-Nismo version will cost you upwards of £20,990. The most expensive variant on the British market is the Juke Nismo RS, and it starts at £23,395. But, when it comes to used Nissan Juke prices, it’s good to know that they usually start from a low £6,000.

The lowest prices are reserved for 2010 diesel models, and are closely followed by newer examples in entry-level Visia trim which are usually priced at the top of the £7,000 range. Looking at the current used Nissan Juke market, expect to pay less than £10,000 for a good example, except if you are looking for a Nismo version which will cost you more than £15,000.

If unconventional cars are your thing, yes. If well-built cars are your thing, that’s also a yes. Also, we’re pretty sure you worry about safety too, and that is one of Juke’s strongest selling points. Another strong selling point of the Juke is its reliability combined with low annual running costs and decent fuel consumption. Great urban driving dynamics could easily make you forget any space-related downside, especially if you’re good at reasonable packing.

Is the Juke a Car for You?

The Nissan Juke is an ideal car for young individuals or couples, and families with small children will also feel at home driving in this wacky, yet extremely lovable automobile. When the kids grow up, you can always count on its great resale value.

A perfect used Nissan Juke is waiting around the corner just for you, so visit the Motor Range state-of-the-art showroom and take your pick!