Is your MOT coming up? When your car reaches three years old, it legally must have an annual MOT test to ensure it’s safe and roadworthy. 

It checks everything from your car’s tyres and brakes, to its lights and suspension. Luckily, regular maintenance will help you to pass your MOT every time and keep your car in tip-top condition…


Check your tyres

Before your MOT test, inspect your tyres for any damage, as well as checking tyre pressure and tread depth. Your tyres should have a minimum tread of 1.6mm to pass, though when they reach 3mm you should think about having them replaced. You can use a 20p coin to check your tread depth, by placing the coin at various tread points around the tyre. The outer band of the coin shouldn’t be visible, so if it is then your tyres may need replacing. 

We can assess your tyres for you at our Service Centre to keep them in excellent condition. If you need a replacement, we stock premium and budget brands to suit your needs. 


Look at your lights 

Checking all your lights work properly is important so that your car is visible to other road users. Walkaround your car to check your headlights, rear lights, sidelights, hazard lights, and indicators are all working as they should be, and replace any that aren’t. To check your brake lights, press the pedal and ask a friend to make sure the lights are working properly.


Top up your screenwash

Screenwash removes dirt and grime from your windscreen to improve visibility. Before your MOT, top up your washer fluid and inspect your windscreen wipers for any damages. Wipers that smear or don’t clear the windscreen effectively can be a common cause for a failed MOT. 


Check oil and brake fluid

It’s a good idea to regularly pop the bonnet and check your brake fluid reservoir and engine oil are topped up. This ensures your car always runs smoothly and passes its MOT with flying colours.


Give your car a clean

Showing your car some TLC not only makes a great impression, but a dirty exterior can actually make your car unroadworthy if your number plates are hard to read. It’s also a good idea to clean your car interior before an MOT test and clear out any clutter.


Test your seatbelts

Your seatbelts play a vital role in keeping you and your passengers safe, so they will be tested in your MOT test. Check that your seatbelts aren’t fraying and make sure each one engages and disengages properly. They should be attached securely with no risk of coming loose. 


Check the horn

In order to be roadworthy, your car horn must work and be loud enough to alert other road users of your presence. Give it a honk when you’re parked up and stationary in preparation for your car’s MOT. 


Need to book your MOT test?

At the Motor Range Service Centre, we offer MOT and servicing to keep your car driving at its best. Your car will be in good hands with our expertly trained technicians who use the most up-to-date equipment to assess your car.

And why not book in for a Vehicle Maintenance Check too? Our technicians will check and top up all fluid levels of your car and perform a general maintenance inspection. Call 01515277005 to book in!