As petrol seems to be staying at a pretty steady high, the price is something that still concerns most of the UK public. Meaning more than ever people are looking for more ways that they can save money and conserve fuel.

This weeks blog is dedicated to giving you the best tips on how to get the most out of what you are putting in.

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Less speed, more patience!

Putting your foot down hastily to overtake the person in front, speeding from a junction so you don’t have to wait any longer or quickly increasing your speed because you are in a rush, any of these situations sound familiar?

Of course they do, they are actions each and everyone of us do on a daily basis however every time you put your foot down on the accelerator money is flying out of the exhaust, which could mean you are adding to your fuel bill and how often you have to fill up the tank.

So tip one; take time whilst driving. The more you press on the accelerator the more you spend and constant on and off pressing means a waste of fuel. Examine the road ahead, don’t speed up inbetween speed bumps and make sure you set enough time aside for each journey so you don’t have to panic and rush.

Take a load off

Look inside your car and boot! Are you carrying around unnecessary items that can weigh your car down? The heavier the car the more fuel it uses to go up steep hills or even to progress your speed, therefore causing you to apply on and off pressure to your accelerator causing a vicious circle back to what we discussed above.

In a sentence, tip two; don’t carry any more baggage than you need too!

Keeping the Pressure Right

It is very important that your tyres are kept at the right pressure as you may be shocked at how tyre pressure can affect your fuel efficiency and keeping the pressure right will effectively reduce your ‘footprint’. However be careful to not over-inflate your tyres as this can lead to skittish and light handling which is just as dangerous.

Tip three; take care of your car and pay special attention to the tyres they are very important and deserve your time and effort!

Get in gear

If you drive an automatic then this is something you will not have to worry about however if you are a manual driver being in the wrong gear is a place where you could be using unnecessary fuel. Being in a lower gear when your speed is high or vice versa will cause your engine to work to hard.

Tip four; don’t push your engine to the limit, it needs time and serious over-revving of your engine can waste more petrol than you think.

Stay cool

Lastly, using your air conditioning system all the time is a very tempting feature of a car, as the nice cool breeze in summer can make driving a better experience however constant use of air conditioning can really affect your fuel consumption.

In short, tip five; use a window. Even though it can be irritating on fast roads, switching the air-con off and winding down a window may be the price you have to pay to get all you can out of your petrol.

Most importantly, drive safe!

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