As the nights draw in and temperatures plunge, taking to the road during winter can present many different challenges. There’s lots to contend with, from heavy rain to icy days, so it’s important to be well prepared and stay vigilant.  

Before the worst of it sets in, don’t forget to check that your lights, tyres and windscreen wipers are all up to the job. And by following our winter driving tips, you’ll be ready for anything come rain, snow, or fog!

Driving in rain


Here in the UK, we’re no strangers to drizzly days. But heavy rain can be hazardous on the roads and it’s important to take extra care if the heavens open. Not only can your visibility be reduced, but stopping distances double in rainy weather. So, be sure to leave plenty of room between you and the car in front to give you enough time to stop if necessary. 

Heavy rainfall can even pose the risk of aquaplaning, which is when a layer of water builds up on the road surface meaning your tyres can’t properly grip to it. Aquaplaning can be frightening as the driver loses control of the vehicle, but it’s important to keep your cool if it does happen. Instead of panicking, keep your steering wheel straight and ease your foot off the accelerator until you feel your wheels regain traction. 

There’s lots to think about when driving in rainy weather. But luckily, features like automatic windscreen wipers can give you a helping hand. At Motor Range, we have a range of cars with automatic wipers ready and waiting for you to browse online

Driving in fog


Foggy weather can dramatically reduce visibility on the roads and it can descend quickly, so it’s important to be prepared. Remember to drop your speed and increase the distance from the car in front, giving you more time to react safely to what’s ahead. 

Not only do you need to give yourself as much visibility as possible, but you need to be seen by other drivers too! So, knowing how and when to use your fog lights is essential. Check that you know how to switch on your fog lights before you set off, and use them if visibility is reduced to 100 metres. Once the fog has cleared, remember to switch them off. 

Driving in low sunlight


In winter, low sunlight presents a great risk as it can dazzle drivers and reduce visibility. Thankfully, there are a number of measures you can take to minimise its dangers.

Keeping your windscreen clean inside and out will help when low sunlight strikes, so top up your washer fluid regularly to make sure you’re never caught short. Dropping your speed is also a good idea, to give you more time to react if you’re suddenly hit with a burst of too much sunlight. And for when your sun visor alone just doesn’t cut it, sunglasses are essential.

Driving in snow

Waking up to a crisp blanket of snow may be exciting… until you realise you have to drive in it! The best advice is to avoid driving in snow altogether, so ask yourself if it’s a journey you really have to make. If the answer is yes, remember to take it slowly and proceed with caution - even if you’re driving a car with 4-wheel drive.

If the forecast predicts snowy weather, it’s a good idea to set your alarm a little early the night before to give yourself enough time to clear all the snow from your car, including from your roof!

Driving in ice

After the snow has melted, there’s a good chance the roads are going to be icy. The number one rule when driving in these conditions is to slow down and leave extra room from the car in front, as it can take ten times longer to stop! Slow and steady is the way to go. 

Before setting off, always make sure your windscreen is properly defrosted. Cars with a heated windscreen can be a big help in winter to remove ice and condensation, and luckily there are plenty to browse here at Motor Range. It’s also a good idea to have your deicer at the ready and keep some in your car at all times. 

In icy weather, heavy braking should be avoided wherever possible, as it can lock up the tyres and cause you to lose control. Instead, move down your gears and use your brakes lightly. 

Drive with confidence this winter and beyond

Enjoy great driving whatever the weather behind the wheel of your perfect next car from Motor Range. We have over 1500 cars in stock to choose from, and our friendly team is on hand to help. Get in touch, today!