The ultimate

Fantasy Football Driving Team

The 2018/19 footy season is well under way. And whether you're a blue, a red or a white, you'll already be gripped by all things football.

Even if you aren't a fan, it's difficult not to get swept up in the passion and enthusiasm that many Merseysiders show for the game.

But supporters' loyalties are cast aside when it comes to other footballing fun - the Fantasy Premier League - where rival footballers are brought together to create the most invincible side... or so the team manager hopes.

Always up for a bit of fun, we thought that if they can do it with football, why can't we do it with cars? At Motor Range we don't have loyalty to any one team of cars, so we've gathered together all the models from any make, that we think have their own special talents.

Here's our Fantasy Football Driving Team:


Motor Range United


With enough strength to keep the opposition away from the ball and the height to reach those incoming shots with a superb header, the defenders are a force to be reckoned with. Take Virgil van Dijk, for example - he's good in the air and always ready for anything.

ultimate football team

Virgil van Dijk

ultimate football team

Our team consists of two powerful centre backs the Volvo XC60 and the Mitsubishi Outlander. Their 4x4 capability means that they won’t budge under pressure and climate control will keep drivers and passengers cool, calm and collected, whatever’s fired at them.

ultimate football team

The additional height of crossovers, Kia Sportage and Hyundai iX35 make them perfect fullbacks. They rise to the occasion and can fend off any attacks while excellent safety features make them the perfect team players and competent family cars.

Smaller than the 4x4s, these two are a bit easier to manoeuvre and have better staying power thanks to higher mpgs.


If capable midfielder, Gylfi Sigurdsson were a car what would he be? With his comfortable staying power, precise passing and ability to get out of a tight spot when needed, we’re reckoning on a stylish but powerful saloon.

ultimate football team

Gylfi Sigurdsson

ultimate football team

In our fantasy driving team, we’ve gone for the big engines of the Hyundai i40 and Toyota Avensis which allow them to cover ground quickly but smoothly. Good boot capacity means that these practical, executive saloon cars can keep safe hold of the ball (and a load of other luggage) with ease.

Interior space and superb comfort mean that both the i40 and Avensis will be as popular with passengers as the midfielders are on the pitch.


Good things come in small packages and that seems to be true where Mo Salah is concerned. As a star winger, he seems to have made it onto many Fantasy Football teams. He’s speedy, agile and has great endurance. At only 5’7”, he’s small but no one can deny he’s a quality player, often taking the ball all the way to the goal.

ultimate football team

Mo Salah

ultimate football team

In the wingers’ positions, we’ve chosen the hottest of hatchbacks, the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 as our small wonders. Their excellent mpg allows for economical motoring so they can always go the distance and their compact size is deceptive - you’ll always get more than you’ve bargained for with these pair!

Easy manoeuvrability and parkability means both the Golf and the A3 can weave in and out of traffic and always finish up in the right place at the right time, undaunted by other players on the road.


In a forward position, the likes of Kevin De Bruyne are equally as able to help make goals as they are to score them. Under pressure, they can move swiftly to find space, and with less bulk, they always have the ability to reach the ball first. They revel in their role as a key player.

ultimate football team

Kevin De Bruyne

ultimate football team

With a top speed of 155 mph and excellent handling from the Volkswagen Scirocco, we’ve made this our forward. You’ll find it nips about easily in traffic although it still provides enough interior space for four. Its sporty looks draws admiring glances from many, but it’s the 2.0-litre engine and twin exhaust that’ll make other drivers envious.

Star Striker

Right now, no one makes scoring goals look easier than Sergio Agüero. His speed and accuracy oozes quality in every match. He’s smooth, he’s confident and he looks great, too - whether he’s chipping the ball into the goal or hitting the target from long range. He also earns over £11m a year - a real hot property that attracts attention.

ultimate football team

Sergio Agüero

ultimate football team

We’ve chosen the Mercedes CLA Class as the most prestigious member of Motor Range United. Like Sergio, this coupé is high value on paper but it’s also sleek and demonstrates quality wherever it drives.

Offering up to 175 bhp, the CLA Class provides power whenever it’s needed. Equally at home on a short city commute or longer trips, it turns heads wherever it goes.


Safe hands are a must for a goalie. And it helps if you are tall, with a big reach to grab those pesky shots at goal. David de Gea, for instance, is 6’ 4” so perfectly sized to be considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

ultimate football team

David de Gea

ultimate football team

When it comes to our driving team, we’ve gone for another safe option, the Citroën Dispatch van. Even with a capacity of 1,000-1,400kg, it’s still athletic enough to be able to nip around objects when needed. Perfect in or out of the goal!

An overhead storage shelf keeps things up high as well as in the main cargo space while sliding doors and deadlocks allow easy access while maintaining security. A safe pair of hands if ever there was one!

What do you think of our choices - are these motors top of the league? If not, which would you substitute and for what? Let us know.

Picking your own top motor needn’t be a fantasy at Motor Range. We’ve got a huge range of makes and models ready for you to test drive. Don’t take our word for it - get down to Motor Range to find out for yourself how they’d fare on the pitch… oops, we mean road!