New Year, New Car, New You!

If you haven’t eaten your own bodyweight in turkey sandwiches and chocolates, or stayed up all night partying with friends, can you even say that you’ve seen in the New Year properly?

Yes, over-eating and burning the candle at both ends is a Christmas must, but it’s no good for your looks! Improve your looks, boost your street cred and feel good about yourself with a new car in 2018. It could help you to stick to some of those New Year resolutions, too.

What’s more, with £1000s off hundreds of cars and vans in the Motor Range Big Sale there’s no better time to buy than right now!

Whatever your promises to yourself when the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December, a cool new car could help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Get inspired by the season’s car trends available right now at Motor Range, and take advantage of our Big Sale to make a pledge for a new car and new you in 2018!

Get Fit

Fit couple unloading bikes from back of car, ready for a ride.

A new car can’t lift weights for you or build your stamina, but it can help you improve your fitness in other ways. With a shiny new motor, you’ll been keen to jump into your car and drive to the gym at every opportunity - pump up the volume on your new sound system and get in the mood for a workout.

Of course the gym doesn’t have to be your number one choice for fitness. Choose a new car with good boot space or roof bars and you’ll have more than enough capacity for your climbing, cycling or canoeing gear. And don’t forget all those calories you’ll burn off washing and polishing your new motor at the weekend!

New Relationship

Aside from making you feel better, a new car can also help improve your looks. Even though we all know that it’s what’s inside that matters when you’re looking for your perfect match, first impressions still count.

Whether you’re planning a night out at the cinema, a candlelit meal for two or a romantic weekend away, the right car can play its part. A broken down motor or drafty, tatty car interior is the the last thing you need when embarking on a new relationship so take advantage of the huge savings at Motor Range today and don’t forget to send us an invitation to the wedding!

New Job

Smart young lady ready for interview, checks phone while next to her impressive new car.

Whenever you decide to change employment (or start on the first rung of the career ladder), a new motor might give you that extra edge. Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel when pulling up for your interview at your potential new workplace in your new motor. Anyone witnessing your arrival will associate your stylish new motor with success and capability.

You’ll arrive relaxed and prepared without having to worry about catching a bus or train, and wondering if you can make it on time without getting stuck in a downpour as you walk from the bus stop or train station. And if a new car is a step too soon right now, remember to pop back to Motor Range when you’ve secured your new job - you’ll certainly deserve an automotive treat then!

Save Money

If you’ve pledged to save yourself some money in 2018, you might think that making any new purchase isn’t going to help. However, a new car is one buy that can actually save you money in the long run.

An upgraded car will give you better reliability, improved MPG and often lower insurance costs. Add this to lower maintenance and repair costs (most Motor Range cars are still under manufacturer warranty and if they are under 3 years old will not need the extra cost of an MOT) and you’ll be quids in! The Motor Range Big Sale and competitive finance packages make buying a new car more affordable than ever.

Be On Time

One area that many of us could do with improving is punctuality. Yes, even the best intentions can see us arriving late for anything from a meetup with friends to that all-important first day at a new job. A car that isn’t running well can put a stop to the best intentions to be on time when it breaks down on the way.

Make sure that your car doesn’t let you down in 2018 by getting a great deal on a new car in our Big Sale at Motor Range. In fact, you’ll be so keen to show off your classy new motor that you’ll be leaving the house early just so that you can spend more time cruising!

Make Time for Friends

Group of friends having fun in the car.

Sometimes things like work and education get in the way of doing what you really enjoy - spending time with friends. Whether you’re buying your first car or trading in your old one, a new motor from Motor Range will have your friends queuing up for a ride in a car with the latest gadgets and driving tech.

You’ll soon find yourself making excuses to meet up with friends just so you can show off your new car as your street cred goes through the roof. And you’ll be able to keep your family happy with all of the errands you can run for parents, partners and not forgetting the kids’ taxi service.

Be Happy

Whatever your promises for 2018, all everyone ever wants to be is happy! Every year at Motor Range we make the resolution to make our customers happy because we know that  buying a new car should be a pleasure, whether you're spending a lot or a little.

We promise patient, friendly and knowledgeable advisors who will be able to recommend the perfect car for you, matching both your budget and your lifestyle. We back up all of our sales with superb aftersales service and make sure that everyone leaves our showroom on Dunnings Bridge Road in Liverpool with a smile on their face and ready to face whatever 2018 brings.  

Take a look at the Motor Range Big Sale online or pop in to see the cars first hand and your smile will last well beyond 2018. We can’t wait to help you make your New Year’s resolutions a reality.