For most of us, buying a car is exciting and fun… right up until it’s time to pay. Then things can get a little stressful - cash, finance, loan, part exchange, HP, PCP, APR… What you really need is to be able to pick a car, then pick a payment to suit you. Hassle free.

At Motor Range, we give you the bottom line. If you aren’t paying cash, we’ll provide you with a range of finance options detailing how much you need to pay each month and for how long. Simply choose the one that fits your budget. Easy!

Pick a Car

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find your ideal car at Motor Range. Our on-site stock of over 1,500 vehicles includes all body types from compact hatchbacks to practical estates; popular SUVs and crossovers to sexy coupés and cool convertibles. Diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid with manual or automatic transmission allow you to pick a car that matches your lifestyle

If you’re a new driver with a small budget, looking for your first car that’s cheap to insure, we can help. Kids flown the nest and you want to trade in your family car for that sporty little number you’ve always wanted? We’ve got just the car for you. Need a van for your business or to transport your leisure gear? You’ll find just the thing at Motor Range

And if you’re not sure which motor you want, just come and chat to one of our helpful advisors who’ll listen to your requirements and steer you in the right direction of a number of different vehicle choices. 

Pick a Payment

Unlike some dealerships who are restricted to 2 or 3 car finance providers, Motor Range works with dozens of different reputable lenders who are all able to offer various low rates and flexible payment terms. More choice of car finance providers means more choice of payments.

Simply work out your monthly budget by taking into account your income and subtracting all of your outgoings - yes, all of them, even that sneaky Starbucks coffee that you grab on your way to work every day! Don’t forget to set aside some cash for road tax, insurance, fuel, unexpected repairs and the general upkeep of your car. You’ll then know how much you can realistically afford to spend on your car each month.

If you have a car to part-ex, we can offer you a free, competitive valuation with no obligation to trade. You don’t need a deposit to finance your car, but if you do decide to use the equity in your existing car we’ll put this, and any cash deposit you have towards your new car. Got outstanding finance on your existing car? No problem, we can factor that into your new finance agreement, too.

The rest is easy - our car finance providers will present a range of options, including Lease, PCP and HP over different lengths of agreements. Then all you have to do is pick the contract that looks most attractive to you.

Car sales advisor handing over key to customer

Arranging Car Finance

Using finance to pay for your new car means that you won’t have to pay a big sum of money upfront. You’ll also have protection through the Consumer Credit Act that will give you some comeback should anything go wrong before you’ve made the final payment. Simply apply by providing us with your details, securely and confidentially, and we’ll get to work to find you the right deal. Car finance options include:

  • Personal Finance Lease (PFL) - Pay the same monthly fee for the period of your lease (usually from 2 to 5 years) with an annual mileage limit. At the end of the agreement, you’ll  have the option to either hand back the car, renew your lease with the same car or start again with a different one. There’ll be a surcharge for any mileage over the agreed amount. With PFL, there’s no option to buy outright.
  • Hire Purchase (HP) - pay a deposit and spread all of the rest of the cost of the car over identical monthly payments lasting from 2 to 5 years. The car is yours once the final payment has been made and although the monthly payments may be higher than a PFL or PCP agreement over the same period of time, you’ll pay less in total since there is no final balloon payment. With HP, there’s no mileage limit.
  • Personal Contract Payment (PCP) - pay a deposit, followed by a number of fixed monthly payments throughout the contract, lasting between 2 and 4 years. At the end of the contract, pay an optional balloon payment for full ownership of the car, or hand the car back. Because of the final large payment, PCP usually requires smaller monthly payments than HP but will be more expensive than PFL. As with PFL, you’ll have to nominate an annual mileage and may be subject to an additional pence-per-mile payment at the end of the contract if this mileage has been exceeded. 

The type of car finance contract that you choose can make a big difference to your monthly payments, for example, a 2-year agreement for a car with a price tag of £9,670; 10,000 annual mileage; and a deposit of £2,000, could look like this:

Table showing payment schedule for 2-year contract PCP and HP

And, for the same car and mileage, with a contract over 4 years:

Table showing payment schedule over 4 years PCP and HP

Our car finance providers may have access to different interest rates and Annual Percentage Rates (APR) which take into account all of the admin fees involved, providing you with an even greater choice of payments. If you have a good credit score you may be offered an even better APR than the one advertised on our site. We can also put together zero-deposit agreements so you can avoid any big up-front payments, if you need to.

There you have it - the fast, easy and convenient way to a new car. Just Pick a Car, Pick a Payment. Apply today for car finance and you’ll get a swift, confidential and no-obligation response. We’ll do all of the work to find you a range of finance options. All you have to do is pick a car!