Our cars are right up there as one of the most significant investments we make. That’s not surprising considering we rely on them to get us from A to B. Without a reliable vehicle, many of us wouldn’t even be able to get to work or college, or deal with day-to-day activities like taking the kids to school or getting some shopping in.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your car looked after with a car maintenance checklist. This is something every manufacturer recommends on purchase but, sadly, many of us ignore the advice. The results of doing so can be catastrophic while taking the time to make a few checks could help you enjoy your car better and for longer, if you fancy exploring the Liverpool and Northwest region in comfort.

Next time you’re tempted to overlook an oil change, consider the following benefits you could enjoy by keeping up with your car maintenance checks:

Improved safety

A well-maintained vehicle is always the best way to stay safe on the road . When you keep on top of things, you can rest easy that everything from your engine to your tyres is in perfect condition. That means you shouldn’t need to worry about mechanical failures which could lead to accidents. If you look after your car, you can be confident that your vehicle is as safe as it was when it passed all those tests in the factory.

Retaining car value

Holding on to your car's value is a priority for many car owners. Even if you’re buying a vehicle secondhand, you’ll want to know for sure that you can exchange or sell later without losing money. The best chance you have at achieving that is to keep on top of your car maintenance checks at all times. It isn’t rocket science. The more effort you put into keeping your car in a decent condition, the more money you stand to see back from it at a future date.

Lower repair costs

Maintenance can also go a long way towards reducing the cost of car repairs. Even if technical issues do arise in a maintained car, they should always be fairly small and easy to sort. The big things, like your engine and parts, will all be taken care of from your ongoing efforts. Rather than facing an engine or exhaust overhaul, you should find that repairs are kept to small and easy-to-fix things like an air con refresh or replacement bulb.

Worried-looking lady and bearded man staring at car engineExtended lifespan

It’s also fair to say that a well-maintained car can last a whole lot longer than one which is just left to its own devices. According to Autotrader, the average lifespan for a car is 11.4 years, yet it’s no secret that some drivers are able to keep their vehicles in fantastic condition for far longer than that. How do they do it? With a focus on ongoing care, of course! In all honesty, the years and mileage you can expect from your vehicle will increase depending on the exact amount of effort you put towards maintenance. Even if this means spending some money for oil changes and new tyres along the way, you could still save yourself a fair amount in the long-run.

Improved performance and fuel economy

As if all these savings weren’t already enough, keeping up with your car maintenance checklist can also boost your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. Given that fuel costs also seem to rise like hot air, that’s a definite plus point. The fact is that a poorly maintained engine will need to work a lot harder to achieve the levels of performance you desire and it’ll have to burn a load more fuel to do so. With regular maintenance, however, your engine can continue to run like the finely tuned machine you know it should be. That means you can maintain the fantastic fuel efficiency you enjoyed the moment you first drove it out of the dealership.

We’re sure you’ll agree that those are some impressive benefits indeed. If you’ve never taken much notice of car maintenance before now, your car manual should have some specific tips on looking after your vehicle. Or you could let the professionals take the strain by booking your car in for a service or seasonal check at Motor Range.  but this isn’t as complicated as you might think. 

Man in long shirt sleeves checking tyre of red car with pressure gauge.


You can still help to look after your car by getting into regular habits like:

Checking tyres

General guidelines state that you should check tyres at least every one or two weeks. Simply look for things like tyre pressure and tread. This can save your life and that of your vehicle. It also only takes a second compared with the hours you could be waiting on the side of the road if things do go wrong. 

Topping up fluids

Fluids are to your car what water is to you. - they need to be topped up regularly for efficient running, so add them to your car maintenance checklist. You should check both engine oil and coolant reservoirs every fortnight. Oil levels should be between the minimum and maximum markers, while coolant should be regularly topped with 50% water and 50% antifreeze as well as a windscreen washer.

Dealing with problems as they arise

It may sound simple, but it’s also vital to address any issues as they arise. Many of us are guilty of ignoring strange sounds or running problems, but this can lead to significant issues and costs later on. As soon as you hear something funny, you should take steps to uncover the problem.

Mechanic with clipboard and and female customer standing to right of black BMW with bonnet open.

Investing in professional servicing with Motor Range

Of course, you can’t do it all yourself. That’s why it’s also vital to invest in a professional car service and MOT from the experts at Motor Range. The experienced team at our used car Liverpool dealership know precisely what it takes to keep your vehicle running smoothly at all times. Our car MOT takes around 45 minutes and ensures that your car is always running to DVLA standards. By adding our servicing on top, you can enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive inspection, including:

- Tyres
- Brakes
- Steering 
- Lights
- Suspension

We also offer more specific services including tyres, air conditioning and even seasonal checks. Simply let us take the stress out of your car servicing by contacting us on 0151 527 7010 today.