Are you a good driver?  Yes?  No?  Don’t care?  Well, you should!  From improving the health of your car, to boosting your own health and wealth, even enhancing your looks - there’s a long list of benefits of driving well.

Acting like a gentleman or genteel lady while driving has its bonuses.  Between commuting to work, playing taxi driver to the kids and carrying out our daily chores, most of us spend a good portion of the day in our cars.  It would therefore help if we could enjoy some advantages of being behind the wheel since we spend so much time there.      

At Motor Range we learn a lot about drivers as we help them to pick their new motors at Liverpool’s biggest used car supermarket.  In that time, we think that we’ve identified most of the benefits of being a good driver, benefits that we’d like to share with you to help keep you safe and happy on the roads.  

What Makes A Good Driver?

A good driver pays attention to their car, the road and other users.  They can anticipate what’s going to happen on the road by watching out for obstructions and road signs, and monitoring the movements of other vehicles and pedestrians.  By doing this, they can avoid sudden braking, a common cause of accidents.  

Of course some accidents are completely unpredictable but by driving well, you can play your part in reducing the hazards on the road.  Gentle steering, fluid gear changes, smooth acceleration and simply sticking to the rules of the road allow other drivers to be able to predict your movements so that they aren’t forced to take evasive action by swerving or sharp braking.

Remember to concentrate!  Remove any distractions from sight and make sure that you aren’t tempted to fiddle with your phone, radio or sat nav whilst driving.  With your mind 100% on the job, you’ll already be on the way to driving better.

Why Drive Well?

As we’ve already said, the benefits of driving well are many.  Top of the list has to be accident avoidance.  Speed limits are there for a reason, allowing you the appropriate amount of time to react to road and traffic conditions in a particular area.   Road signs will also give you an indication of any upcoming hazards and smooth driving will prevent other road users from having to swerve out of your way.

By keeping your car out of accidents, you’ll avoid expensive repair costs, increased insurance premiums and possibly loss of income if you rely on your car for your job or you are injured in a collision.  

Keeping Costs Down

If you have a good driving record, not only will you save money by gaining access to cheaper car insurance (as all insurance brokers will reference your accident history, past claims and any points on your licence or fines), your steady and smooth motoring habits will provide less wear and tear on your car’s engine and tyres.  

Sleek use of gears and moderate acceleration while avoiding excessive speeds will also result in better fuel efficiency, making each journey cheaper than that made by an erratic driver.

Happy And Healthy


Taking a relaxed but sensible approach to driving will lower your own stress levels and the stress of your passengers too.  Anxious or aggressive driving will mean that you can’t concentrate on the road and may be a cause of worry to friends, family or colleagues who are in the car with you.

Plan your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time for your journey so you won’t feel the need to speed or jump the lights to get ahead of the traffic.  Make sure that you are familiar with all of the devices in your car so that you don’t panic whilst trying to find the fog lights, windscreen wipers or hazard lights, for example.

If you become known for being a safe driver, you’ll soon have a queue of new friends eager to share a ride with you.

Looking Good

On top of all of these great benefits, if you drive well, you could even improve your looks!  It’s true, your attractiveness can decrease by up to 50% if you drive badly.  Given all of the benefits of good driving, it’s hardly surprising as we’re generally attracted to those who are healthy, wealthy and wise!

So don’t be daft by taking risks on the road - aim for the healthy, safe and cost-effective approach of good motoring.  If you need more tips on the benefits of driving well, take a look at the RAC’s expert guide on how to become a better driver.

Don’t forget that all great drivers need a great car so come and find yours at Motor Range on Dunnings Bridge Road, Bootle where peace of mind comes as standard.  With over 1000 quality used cars, you’re guaranteed to find the car you’ve been looking for to help show off your great driving skills.