Love is in the air!

It’s that time of year again where you forget about the stresses and strains of everyday life to focus on that special one and what better way to celebrate than a lovely road trip through the English countryside?!

Therefore this week we have scaled the country to find the perfect locations to make this Valentines weekend one to remember.

So pack up the car, put that champagne on ice and set off to one of our top 5 Valentines weekend destinations in the UK.

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1. Stratford-upon-Avon

What could be more romantic than where the story of Romeo and Juliet was written?

Shakespeare's hometown is a well known destination for Valentines weekend with it’s rich cultural history and scenic views!

You can stroll hand-in-hand through the town whilst you indulge yourselves in their unique shops and enjoy an intimate dinner in one of their 5 star restaurants, in other the words; the makings of a perfect weekend.

2. London

If the thought of a quiet weekend doesn’t appeal to you then something more fast paced such as Britain's capital could be the perfect alternative for you.

If there is one thing you can guarantee with a London weekend; it is that you’ll never be bored! London is filled with activities and if all else fails there is plenty to see.

So why not immerse yourself in all this iconic city has to offer!

3. Edinburgh

The historic city of Edinburgh supplies the perfect mixture of culture and entertainment.

Don’t be fooled by its rural landscapes, Edinburgh is filled with exciting events that will make your Valentines weekend more fun than you could imagine.

It may be a bit of a drive but with good company and the country views beside you, we can guarantee it will be worth it!

4. Lake District

What better time to pamper yourself than Valentines day?! Amongst the beautiful scenery, the Lake district is also host to some of the best spas in the country.

So relax and unwind with your choice of treatments whilst looking onto the most idyllic surroundings you can imagine.

Let us know if this is your choice!

5. Cornwall

Finally, we finish with the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Not only can Cornwall provide some of the best beaches in the country but it’s lively community will also make you feel right at home.

The friendly locals will ensure that you find their county the essential place for a weekend getaway!

There we have it our top 5 destinations in the UK for this Valentines weekend.

Be sure to let us know your choice by tweeting us @MotorRange using the hashtag #MRValentines.

Remember, if you have any queries about Motor Range or if you are looking at one of our quality used cars, then simply tweet us @MotorRange using the hashtag #MRQuery.

Until next time…

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