For twenty-five years we’ve raced around track after track chasing mushrooms, princesses and monkeys in pursuit of the hallowed trophy in Mario Kart!  Along the way we’ve done our best to triumph on Super-Circuits, Double-Dashes and more recently anti-gravity courses. Things could be about to get interesting as a new Mario Kart appears in town. 

At Motor Range, we like to put the fun into driving and can understand why the Mario Kart series has been such a hit.  While the M57 isn’t quite Rainbow Road and Liverpool Town Hall can’t be compared to Bowser’s Castle, as Liverpool’s biggest car supermarket, we feel sure that we can help to find your perfect car (or do we mean kart?) from our great range of used cars at the home of family friendly motoring.

Whether you’ve raced against Mario on the Nintendo 64 (look it up, kids!), the DS, the Wii or the Gamecube, you’ll no doubt have a favourite course.  As of April 2017, Mario can be found racing around on another platform too as Nintendo Switch releases Mario Kart Deluxe, full of the old tracks and lots of new ones.  Take a look at our top picks of the classic courses and then let us know which is your favourite via Facebook or Twitter.   As Mario would say, “Let’s a go!”

Donut Plains 3

No sign of the sugary delicacies on this retro track, but plenty of other hazards in the road.  Steer around the tight bends and over the holes in the bridges, avoiding the moles as you go.  Just another sedate Sunday Drive in the country! 

Music Park / Music Motorway 

Driving over pianos, xylophones and drums to the funky beat, it’s easy to get distracted.  You’ll need your wits about you if you’re to use the handy mushrooms to sneak past the piranha plants and cut through the grass.

Moo Moo Meadows

We’d expect a bit of mud on on a race track, but cows???  Only in Mario Land!  Don’t let them slow you down.  Use boost pads to jump over grassy patches to make it safely round the track, past windmills and barns.

Baby Park 

Four tight turns, eight laps and a theme park - a recipe to make you dizzy!  With green and red shells flying from one side to another, these babies get round the track by hook or by crook.

Koopa Troopa Beach

With swaying palm trees, crabs scurrying across the sand and the constant hazard of deep water, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and hands firmly on the controls.  Cunning use of ramps will lead you through tunnels and gain access to the dreaded spiny shell.

Bowser’s Castle

Negotiating your way through a haunted castle on four wheels is about as challenging as it gets.  If the 90o turns and fire breathing statues don’t get you, the moat of lava might!  Or the Thwomps!   Don’t let the laughing, jailed Thwomp lead you astray.   

Rainbow Road

A kaleidoscope of colour, this road floats high above the city as the ultimate driving test.  Littered with drops and uphill stretches, your peace is only interrupted by the Chain Chompers determined to spoil your drive.

At Motor range, we can’t help you choose your Mario Kart track but we can help you to pick the perfect motor to get your around any course safely.  From Princess Peach’s perfectly pink supermini to Yoshi’s oh-so-green, eco-friendly motor and Donkey Kong’s offroader, we’ve got the right car to help you clinch the Mario Kart cup!

Not sure which colour car you prefer? Our new showroom on Dunnings Bridge Road, Liverpool, has every colour in the rainbow - maybe that’ll inspire you!  Visit us soon and take your pick!