At over 2.6 million units, 2015 saw the highest number of newly registered cars ever sold in the UK. Yet this figure was outnumbered nearly 3 to 1 by more than 7 million used car sales.

So what makes a used car the more desirable buy for so many car owners?

We take a look at a new car vs a 1 year-old car to find out why the nation’s drivers prefer to purchase a used car from our used car dealership.


The Price Is Right

It’s a common belief that as soon as you drive a new car from the showroom forecourt, the price drops by 20%. While the depreciation might not be quite that drastic, a vehicle’s value does decrease by a greater rate in the first 3 years than it does during any time of its life.

This is good news for used car buyers who can get their hands on a car that is merely a few months old for a fraction of the initial sales price.

Add to this the fact that, as with new cars, second-hand vehicles can be purchased using a variety of affordable finance options, and you’ll find that it’s possible for drivers to own cars of a quality that they once thought would be out of their price range.

In fact with 41% of used car buyers citing price as a concern when making a purchase, and 32% stating mileage as a factor in the decision process, a 1 year-old car carrying average mileage could satisfy both these requirements.


On Spec?

If you buy a brand new car, you’ll be able to specify it exactly as you want - colour, trim, optional features, etc. Well, that’s certainly the case if you order through a dealer, directly from the manufacturer’s factory and wait weeks or months for it to be built.

However, if you need a car sooner rather than later, dealerships also stock many new pre-reg vehicles which may hit the button on some of your choices of optional extras, but not exactly match your wish list.

So, our thoughts are that if you aren’t going to get the car that matches your precise specification, you might as well save a few pounds and plump for a used version of the same model.

Unless your car of choice has had a complete makeover in the last 12 months, a second-hand car less than a year old will have many of the same features as a brand new model. Most used car dealerships will do their best to source a vehicles as close as possible to your particular specification whether it means searching their own catalogue, keeping an eye out at auctions or getting in touch with another branch.


Peace Of Mind

Any new item that you buy should come with a degree of reassurance from the supplier, allowing you some comeback if the product should fail. New cars are no different, being provided complete with a manufacturer's warranty in case of parts expiring prematurely. From 2 years to an astounding 7 years (offered by Kia) warranties are not to be sniffed at.

When buying a used car, there is the danger that this warranty might have expired. But by choosing a vehicle less than a year of age, you can be fairly certain that it will be covered by manufacturer’s warranty for at least another year.

Used car dealers will also often offer their own guarantee on top of the manufacturer’s warranty, giving you confidence that your car will be looked after for most common untimely ailments.


Well Worn In

The average age of a car using UK roads has levelled off at 7.8 years or thereabouts over the last few years as the average age of cars in Europe continues to rise, currently standing at 9.7 years. This suggests that while we appreciate the value of the older car, we prefer the additional security (or possibly status symbol) afforded by newer vehicles than is enjoyed by our continental counterparts.

As a brand new car wears in, especially with the amount of automotive gadgetry available, tiny glitches might appear. These are often not major issues and will be covered by the warranty but, like a new pair of shoes, will cause irritation and affect the enjoyment of your new vehicle, especially if you must repeatedly return it to the dealership for remedial work.

Allow someone else to break in your car for those first few months, then swoop in and purchase your 1 year-old car. Any teething issues should have already been dealt with, allowing you nothing but a pleasant ride.


Green Scene

Forget fuel emissions, the manufacture of a brand new car can produce up to 720kg of CO2 per £1,000. So, an average £20,000 car, for example, could add 14.4 tonnes of CO2 to the environment, even before it has been driven a single mile, regardless of its green running credentials. 

By choosing a second-hand car, you’ll have saved any additional manufacturing emissions. And while older cars can contribute more than their fair share to environmental pollution, a car of less than 1 year-old should still possess fairly good fuel economy and low carbon emission data.

Looking to change your car? Why not give a Motor Range used car a chance? A car just 1 year-old can provide you with much of the same benefits as a brand new model - with a few extra advantages thrown in. Call in to our new showroom to take a look at our wide range of used cars. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.