Audi has long been a status symbol and one of the most recognisable names amongst premium car brands. The range is often reviewed and updated to ensure the very best in Vorsprung durch Tecnik.

The full Audi range of cars has now expanded to include 13 core models available in several different body types. From the 2-seater TT Roadster convertible to the substantial 7-seater Q7, you can pick and choose factory options or find a used Audi to suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at what’s currently available:


Audi A1

All of Audi’s technical expertise and design wrapped up in one small package, yet still flexible enough to offer 3-door or 5-door versions.

The Audi A1 is ideal for new drivers or city motorists who want a small car without sacrificing style.

For an extra nippy ride, opt for the S1 Sport with Audi’s famed all-wheel drive technology.


Audi A3

Restyled in 2016 to include Audi Smartfit Interface System and xenon headlights, the A3 is an ideal small family car. Enough room for 3 little people or two adults in the rear and a buggy or weekly shop in the boot (with good access) makes this a versatile buy.

Try out the all-wheel drive in the Sport range, or go a bit greener with the e-Tron hybrid model, capable of 31 miles of electric driving.


Audi A4

For a larger drive, the Audi A4 is ideal for business and leisure. A larger cabin, redesigned in 2015 with the same great Audi quality allows a more comfortable ride than smaller models. However, a new lightweight design allows for better handling than you might expect from a midsized car.

3-zone climate control ensures that passengers as well as driver are happy. Test the 3L, V6 engine and Audi Smartphone Interface for additional options.


Audi A5

The Audi A5 provides outstanding performance with both style and power. Available in a 4-door Sportback or 2-door Coupé and Cabriolet, all providing a gentler curved body than the A4.

However, the sloping roof provides minimal headroom for rear passengers, making this a car for couples or young family.

Decent boot space allows ample room for luggage or sports gear.


Audi A6

With the Avant (estate), Saloon or Allroad body types in engine sizes up to a massive 4L, the Audi A6 allows you to be as active as you like. A spacious cabin provides a comfortable ride, although additional suspension is available as an option.

With low running costs and slow depreciation, the A6 is equally as popular as a company car or a family car.


Audi A7

The Audi A7, only available in Sportback, provides 4-zone climate control, LED lights and electronic tailgate as standard. An acoustic windscreen contributes to an overall quieter ride than some diesel engines provide.

A 7-speed automatic gearbox and low seating level lends this large car a sporting feel, without sacrificing boot space which is more roomy than some comparable models.


Audi A8

As you would expect, the A8 is the largest and most luxurious of the Audi Saloon range, offering the ultimate in comfort for business and chauffeuring use. The interior has a classic feel since it is less hi-tech than some of its competitors.

With an 8-speed automatic gearbox and Audi’s all-wheel drive as standard, the A8 is easy to drive, despite its size. Opt for the S8 for additional suspension, enhanced braking and dynamic steering.


Audi Q2

Styled like a Coupé, this small SUV comes in a range of engine sizes from 1L to 2L, making it at home in the city or on the motorway. With many of the same features as larger cars in the Audi range, the Q2’s dashboard is similar to the A3, giving this new model a familiar look and feel with a tad more space.

The elevated driving position and adjustable steering wheel provides a pleasant ride for anyone seeking the benefits of a SUV with the manoeuvrability of a compact car.


Audi Q3

With split folding rear seats and front sport seats, the Audi Q3 is both practical and enjoyable to drive. Excellent visibility is gained from narrow windscreen pillars and lowline side windows, making it easy to view on-coming traffic.

The Sport option comes with all-wheel drive, larger wheels and a lower axle, providing better grip on the road.


Audi Q5

All-wheel (quattro) drive, leather seats and cruise control come as standard with the Q5, the most well-established of Audi’s range of SUVs. Double glazed windows and excellent body control due to traction and grip make this a very comfortable ride.

Offering a more spacious cabin than the Q3 or Q2, Q5’s roomy interior is equipped to the high standard you would expect from Audi with quality soft furnishings and hardwearing plastics. The boot space is huge and can be easily increased by flattening the rear seats to create space for any reasonable loading requirement.


Audi Q7

The largest of Audi’s SUVs, the Q7 boasts 7 seats and off road capability which lends itself to highly manoeuvrable road use. A 3L V6 engine provides a powerful drive with the optional air suspension giving the Q7 an advantage over competitor SUVs of comparable size.

A clever lefthand tilting wing mirror allows for accurate parking when 2 rows of passenger seats may obstruct the rear view. Finished with wood veneer and real metal trim, the re-assuring thud as the door is closed reinforces all of the signs of quality.


Audi TT

The TT Roadster (or Cabriolet) and TT Coupé both possess the innovative Audi Virtual Cockpit, allowing the driver fingertip access to driving information, media, communication and navigation.

The acoustic fabric hood of the 2-seater Roadster can be opened in just 10 seconds, creating an open-topped driving experience while the Coupé’s hatchback and split rear seats provides decent boot space for a car of this size.


Audi R8

A 5.2L V10 supercar, the R8 is Audi’s answer to the Porsche 911. With the engine mounted at the rear of the car, a small storage space under the bonnet can store more luggage than most supercars.

Capable of 0-60 mph in under 4 sec, the R8 is definitely one for those who favour looks and speed over practicality. Choose the R8 Spyder with bespoke sideblades, Audi Laser Lights  and distinctive honeycomb grill for a drive you won’t forget!


Currently available as an option with the A3 (1.4 petrol) and Q7 (3L TDI), e-tron combines the economy of electric motoring with Audi styling. With a charge time of around 8 hours at home, the e-tron can run exclusively on electricity for up to 34 miles, or be used along with petrol or diesel engines for greener driving.

Audi has such an extensive range of cars, there really is something for everyone. Visit Motor Range online or in person to browse the Audis available for you to buy. The affordable selection of used cars and finance options mean that you could be driving away in an Audi today.