Say hello to summer! This weeks post is dedicated to the summer holidays and the wonderful road trips you are about to embark on. We are solely focused on helping you narrow down the best sights to see in this country and find the perfect vacation spot for you.

See below for our top 10 places in the UK that are tailor made for a summer getaway.

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1) Brighton

The British seaside. Perfect for those who love to revel in the sun, who enjoy ice cream on the beach and a quintessential British summer with the classic fish and chips. There are many lovely sites to see in Brighton, and whether a couple or a family, this destination is fully prepared for a summer filled with fun!

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2) York

Known for it’s historic landmarks and rich culture, York has worked it’s way up to being one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. This destination is not just a summer holiday but it is an education, about some of the events that helped shaped the nation we are today!

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3) Norfolk broads

The beautiful coastline attracts so many to this part of the country in the summer. Many come together and enjoy the lovely boat rides on the protected wetlands, the country walks and the traditional pub lunches.

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4) Lake District

Over the years the Lake District has increased in popularity for summer getaways with it’s picturesque landscapes and tranquil atmosphere. It also has a combination of luxury hotels or campsites, meaning this destination is perfect for any summer holiday.

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5) Alton Towers

For an adrenaline pack summer holiday with the friends or family, look no further. Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the UK and has a stellar reputation for being a great way to let go of all your worries and have a great time. It also has a convenient on site hotel, meaning you can enjoy the fun for as long as you wish.

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6) Cornwall

Cornwall is home to some of the most idyllic sea views this country has to offer, so no wonder why it is a favourite for many every year. It’s friendly locals, untouched villages and sunny days means there is plenty to keep the holiday makers entertained.

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7) Wye Valley, Wales

The Welsh countryside is famous for it’s rural views and rolling hills, if this sounds like the perfect summer to you, then a holiday at Wye Valley is a must. There are so many beautiful sites to see in this part of Wales, you won't be disappointed!

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8) Edinburgh

The city known for its gothic-like culture comes to life in the summer months with it’s fringe festival that is always a must see. This city accommodates for all ages and for any size of group, this could be the perfect place for you!

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9) Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands

The mythically elusive Loch Ness Monster always draws an air of mystery and intrigue to the Scottish Highlands making it an enticing adventure for all ages. The beautiful scenery means you will always be able to take perfect holiday pictures!

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10) Eden Project

The Eden Project has been known to give you the exotic feel without having to leave the UK. With features such as; the world’s largest indoor rainforest, the project runs courses, concerts and even a circus throughout the summer, this could be the perfect place to enjoy the summer sun!

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We hope this has helped by giving you some inspiration for your summer road trip!

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