While the summer is still here why not consider a fresh car to make the most out of these lovely weather conditions!

Take a look at our list below for our top five recommendation on how to get the most out of your car this summer.

The timeless convertible is perfect for enjoying the warm breeze whilst driving and the BMW Series 1 adds a sense of class to this traditional style meaning this is the perfect car for cruising in the summer heat.

The Ford C-Max is not traditionally known as a summer car, however with it’s vast interior and reliable performance it is perfect for those summer road trips. So don’t let the lack of space stop you from experiencing all the fun you can have with your friends and family in the sun!

If you will be increasing your mileage this summer, a car that produces low emissions maybe the car for you! This Smart Fortwo is in the tax band A and only produces 98g of CO2 emissions per kilometre!

Blue Peugeot 208 facing 3/4 right

The Peugeot 208 is the colourful choice for this summer. It’s light and easy to drive plus its bright and vivid exterior makes a statement to let everyone know the summer has arrived!

The Beetle has gradually worked it’s way up to being a summer must have! With it’s fresh looking exterior along with it’s comfy and flowery interior, no car could be better for enjoying the sights of summer!

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