This week we are focusing on helping you find the perfect first car!

There are many great options to choose from but we have whittled it down to just 5, so the choice is made even easier.

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1. Firstly, we begin with the Renault Clio. This car has increased in popularity over the years with first time buyers as the new and improved design meant that it had updated with the times too. This car features in group 2 for insurance and offers good fuel economy by doing 48mpg. Take a look at all the Renault Clios we have in stock here.

2. We then move on to the Peugeot 107, its small compact style means that it is light and easy to handle, perfect for a new driver! The vibrant colours available for this model only make it more attractive to someone wanting to make a statement on the road, and as it provides up to 60mpg it makes it a very reliable and cheap to run car. Click here to see the range we have in stock.

3. The Seat Ibiza is a distinctively styled car, its similarities with the VW Polo means it also shares in its reliability and its durability. It is fun to drive and easy to handle, being placed in group 3 for insurance means that it is slightly on the more expensive side but this may be the price to pay for this stand out look on the road. Take a look here for all we have in stock.

4. The Mazda 2 hasn’t always been the most stylish car however when its upgrade came in 2007 it quickly became a favourite for a first car. Its underpinnings shared with the likes of a Ford Fiesta means that it is a good drive and there is always that promise of Mazda reliability. To see the Mazda 2s we have in stock, click here.

5. Finally the Vauxhall Corsa - a classic start up car. The Corsa has gradually become very well associated with first time buyers due to its surprisingly spacious interior and its contemporary look. The Corsa is known to be very well made and affordable for those just starting out. Take a look at all the Vauxhall Corsas we have to offer here.

We hope this post has helped you to make an informed decision when it comes to browsing for that all important first car.

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