This week we are looking into the best apps on the market for all you motorists. These apps are designed to improve your experience on the roads and produce interesting facts and advice.

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1. GB Road Atlas

Price: Free

Leave behind the days of having to quickly find the map in your car, frantically trying to find out where you are. Instead download this award winning offline mapping and navigation app that makes travelling through the UK as easy as can be. This app is fully equipped with a detailed map of the UK and full GPS tracking to see exactly where you are. We highly recommend this app and we wouldn’t leave home without it!

2. Honest John

Price: Free

The agony uncle of the automotive sector is the perfect app for anyone that loves to read the latest reviews on the latest cars and who loves to see how well cars perform on their road tests. This app is not only useful for those interested in researching for their next car but it will also appeal to those who like to keep up-to-date with their car news.

3. RingGo

Price: Free

Have you ever forgotten your change at a pay car park? It can really ruin your lovely day out, so worry no longer! With RingGo you can pay to park with your credit or debit card instead! We think this app is very useful and is always worth having on your phone when you step out the door.

4. TyreSafe

Price: Free

At Motor Range we are always reminding you just how important your tyres are and now there is an app that goes one step further! This app helps you find your nearest tyre retailer and also provides you with helpful advice on what to do if your tyres let you down. We believe this app is well worth having on your phone and could be invaluable to your journeys.

5. Live Traffic Info

Price: Free

We’ve covered parking, tyres and even reviews however the biggest thing that affects most motorists is... traffic! All of us hate it and want to avoid it at all cost and that is were this app comes in handy. Live Traffic Info provides detailed information of any delays or congestion that may be on the roads you are planning to go on. It also has a traffic radio so you can be fully aware of which roads to avoid on your journey.

These apps can be so invaluable to you on your journeys and the best part about them all is that they are all free.

We hope this article has given you some useful insight into how your phone can add value to your future journeys.

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