Buying a new car is a big, but very exciting, investment. If you’re looking to save on your motoring costs, knowing what to look for in your new motor is crucial. You can make your money go further at Motor Range, with our huge selection of great value used cars and knowledgeable team on hand to make sure you find the right one for you. 

We’ve put together our top tips to lower your motoring costs so you can spend more on what matters to you, like holidays and family days out in Liverpool!


Save on fuel 

With fuel prices on the rise, choosing an economical car is a good way to save money each month. Whether you’re looking for a sporty convertible, city hatchback, or an SUV with low running costs, you can find it at Motor Range. We also have a selection of electric and hybrid cars to choose from, which can return big savings in the long run. 

Looking to make your fuel go even further? Combining trips, driving smoothly, and keeping your tyres inflated will make all the difference.


Low road tax

Another factor to consider when lowering your motoring costs is road tax. Some used cars registered before April 2017, as well as electric cars, don’t require you to pay any road tax at all. It largely depends on how much CO2 your car emits, so it’s worth researching beforehand to see how much annual road tax you’ll have to pay. 

Fortunately, on our website you’ll find the road tax costs for all of our used cars at your fingertips! Simply view the car online and you’ll discover the annual cost to tax it as well as its CO2 emissions. 

Cheaper insurance costs

Insurance is one of the biggest annual motoring expenses for drivers, so before buying a new car it’s a good idea to check how much it’s likely to cost. Every car is placed in an insurance group from 1 to 50, with 50 being the most expensive to insure. Small, low power cars are placed in lower insurance groups, while cars with large, powerful engines are put in higher groups. You can find out the insurance groups of the cars you’re interested in by browsing our range online.

Then when it comes to arranging insurance for your shiny new motor, make sure you estimate your annual mileage accurately and shop around to get the best deal possible. 


Lower finance payments 

Getting your next vehicle on finance allows you to spread the cost of car buying into more manageable chunks, rather than making a large upfront investment. At Motor Range we use a range of trusted providers and offer several contract options, so we can find you the best deal to suit your budget. You can even part-exchange your current car against your new one, which can lower your monthly payments. Use our free online tool to see what your car is worth, or pop into our Bootle showroom to chat to our expert finance team. 

Regular car maintenance 

A great way to lower your long term motoring costs is to keep on top of maintenance. Regularly checking your tyres, oil and brake fluid will keep your motor in good working order and prevent it needing costly repairs down the line. It’ll also make sure you pass your MOT every time without any unexpected bills. 

It costs less to change at Motor Range!
Now you know what to look for in your next vehicle, browse over 1,500 great value used cars from Motor Range! You can save on your motoring costs and enjoy a straightforward car buying experience at the North West’s number one for used cars.