Buying a new car is exciting… but also a little bit scary! What make? What model? New, Nearly New or Used? How much should I pay? And am I getting value for money?

The good news is that buying a nearly new car or used car has never been easier with a trustworthy, reputable car superstore like Motor Range. We’ll provide easy, affordable finance deals that will ensure that you can get the car of your dreams within your budget and always great value for money.

So, New car, Nearly New car or Used car, how do I know which is for me? Here’s our guide to the pros and cons of each that should help you to decide...

New Car

Buying a Brand New car allows you to:

  • Own a car with no previous owner and no mileage (or low delivery mileage)
  • Have access to franchised dealership special offers, such as no/low deposit, pre-paid road tax or insurance, and preferential finance rates
  • Specify trim level and any optional extras to suit your needs
  • Benefit from a full manufacturer’s warranty

On the downside, buying a Brand New car also means:

  • A long wait time (weeks or months) as your car will be built to order
  • Once ordered, you can’t pull out of the deal
  • Paying a larger amount than for an equally specced Used or Nearly New car
  • Faster depreciation rate in the car value (up to 10% in the first 6 months)
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Nearly New Car

If you buy a Nearly New car from Motor Range, you’ll get:

  • Lower depreciation rate on the value of your car, meaning a higher percentage of your money back when you sell or trade in than if you buy Brand New
  • A great price and more car for your money, saving £000s compared to Brand New cars
  • A newer registration plate than a Used car (typically under 18 months old)
  • A car with fewer than 10,000 miles
  • Immediate use of a quality, well-looked-after car
  • The remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty that originally came with the car
  • The chance to choose from a wide range of makes and models

When you buy a Nearly New car from Motor Range, you’ll also find that:

  • It will come with a complete service history, usually carried out by manufacturer garages
  • Our quality promise means that we never take on any stock that may have been abused during rental or lease
  • Every Nearly New car will be prepped to the highest of standards before you drive away

Used Car

Choose Motor Range to buy a Used car for:

  • Daily price checks to ensure great prices compared to competitors
  • A higher specification, meaning more car for your money compared to Brand New or Nearly New cars
  • A choice of over 1,500 cars of all makes and models, including older generations that might better suit your needs
  • Lower depreciation rates, providing higher return when you sell or trade in

You’ll often also be able to:

  • Benefit from the remainder of manufacturer warranties (up to 7 years/ 100,000 for Kia)
  • Drive away the same day
  • Avoid any teething problems experienced by previous owners, eg. failing tech or recalls
  • Get further cover with our Extended Guarantee package

And always:

  • Have the confidence that comes with buying from an established, well-known dealership!