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At Motor Range, cars are very definitely our thing and we’re here to show you what to look for when buying a car. Whether you’re an Eco Traveller, a Yummy Mummy or Dishy Daddy, or a Professional Poseur we can help you find the perfect car.

There are so many
things to consider:

Even choosing a colour can be a big job… no wonder you might be confused!

Take a few minutes to read through our tips on which car to buy and we’re sure you’ll have a better idea of what you want, what you need and what you can afford.

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First and foremost, what do you need your car for? College runabout? Taxi for the kids? Commuting to work? Transporting kit for your favourite hobby? Or showing off to friends?

The purpose of your car will probably play the biggest role in your decision. Let’s take a look at the options and discover which one will best fit your needs:


Unsurprisingly, the ​hatchback​ is the most popular bodystyle for cars in the UK, and perhaps the most versatile. It comes in so many different sizes - from city runabouts to cavernous executives - there’s a model to suit most needs.

Practicality is maximised by that hatchback boot that gives you access to the whole car - seats up or seats down - allowing you to take your car from its daytime job of getting you to work or college to weekend adventures of camping or climbing!


Looking for a prestige car? A ​saloon​ is the bodystyle that springs to mind. Executive and luxurious, from Fords and Vauxhalls to Jags and Mercs, it just oozes sophistication. Often offering more cabin space (particularly headroom) than other car designs, the saloon offers comfort in both front and rear seats.

With the boot separate from the rest of the car, whatever you lock in there, stays there, which is why a saloon is often the car of choice for business use. And if you do need a little more load room, many models also offer an ​estate​ (station wagon or avant) option.


As the name suggests, a ​Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)​ is fit for anything! Five or seven seats; seats that fold or slide; or seats that can be removed completely make this the bodystyle for anyone needing interior flexibility from their motor.

So, if you’re a decorator during the week and taxi driver to the five-a-side team in the evenings and weekends, this could be your choice. MPVs also tend to sit a little higher than other cars - perfect if you like a bird’s eye view of the road or need a little help getting in and out of your motor.


Possessing much of the practicality of an MPV regarding flexible seating, while also boasting the same ease of loading as a hatchback or estate, ​Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)​ are the biggest and boldest cars on the road. Throw in 4x4 capability or all-wheel-drive (also available on many other bodystyles) and you’ll be ready for anything.

You’ll feel safe and secure in that raised driving position and once you’ve perfected parking such a beast of a motor, the road’s your oyster!

Coupés &

Coupés and convertibles are the very definition of fun!

Coupés​ are usually compact, sleek and sporty, and low to the ground. Generally two-door with limited room in the rear, some saloons also have coupé styling to tempt the adventurous. A real head turner!

Convertibles​ now come in all shapes and sizes, from Range Rovers to Fiat 500s, most marques have several ‘top-down’ models with a little more room in the cabin and boot than the sports coupé. Definitely a car for the show offs and those who can brave the UK weather.

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Within each bodystyle there’s a ​wide range of sizes​.

When you're picking out your next car, don’t forget to bring along your ​tape measure​, pram or wheelchair, golf clubs and anything else you’ll have to fit in the car, as well as anyone who might have a say in your choice of new motor.

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To find out what kind of car buyer you are!

How much you have to spend on a car is another thing that will give you a good idea of what car to buy.

How much can you really afford to spend?

You’ll definitely ​get more for your money with a used car​ as values drop the most during the first year. You’ll probably find that if you ​choose a used car​ that’s just a couple of years old, it might still have ​some manufacturer’s warranty​. You can also purchase an ​extended guarantee​ for added peace of mind. Either way you could be driving away in a high spec motor, complete with a bunch of optional extras for a ​fraction of the manufacturer’s price​.

When you know how much you can afford to pay each month, come and have a chat with us to figure out ​a suitable finance agreement​ - PCP or HP, with or without a deposit. Or, if you have enough money in the bank, simply skip the finance bit and we’ll help you find a shiny new car at the right price!

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Depending on your car usage and lifestyle​, different fuel types might suit you better.

You’ll need to think about:

  • Economy (MPG)
  • Road Tax (VED)
  • How and where you drive

There’s no question about it, at the fuel pump, ​petrol is cheaper than diesel​, and ​petrol cars also tend to cost less than diesel motors​. But although ​petrol engines are pretty economical for low mileage​, anyone travelling more than around 7,000 miles a year should think about ​diesel engines which usually have a better MPG​, making ​diesels cars the perfect choice for high mileage drivers.

Of course, ​electric cars have very low running costs​ as well as being quiet and easy to handle. They have ​little or no road tax ​and although they can do limited miles on one charge, this makes them great for driving short trips!

If you fancy the idea of an electric car but need the practicality of petrol or diesel, a hybrid could be for you. ​With cheap running costs and low road tax you could make great monthly or annual savings!

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