Does the colour of your car reveal more about you than you might think? Well as it turns out this could be the case.

A report by Axalta states that the colour of the car you drive can be a psychological shortcut to express your personality and what you want the world to think about you.

Of course this is more of a fun study than a scientifically based observation, so you can take these observations with a pinch of salt, we hope you enjoy!

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Black is reportedly the colour for luxury, as it is the most popular colour for leisure cars such as Mercedes and BMW.

Black has a strong correlation to sophistication, with things such as black tie dinners and the little black dress, it has well set itself aside for the refined.

The study states "Black is a power colour, for sure," as it declares itself as important, classic and in control.


Isn’t silver and grey practically the same colour? Apparently not, according to the report, they both have different meanings.

The grey car driver doesn't want to stand out, it is a neutral colour which can mean they care more about the status quo rather than their status, therefore projecting more dignity, tradition and maturity.


The metallic shine of silver in the sun can be linked to stainless steel appliances and technology, giving the idea that silver is the colour of security and style.

Silver is the well known colour for fashion and high standards, meaning you are a high class lady or gentleman with an eye on the upscale and you are not afraid to show it.


White is an interesting colour to choose as it evokes a modern style and a fresh young face to the outside world, demonstrating you have good taste and elegance. However it can also be a very high maintenance colour to choose due to it’s ability to mark easily with the dirt and water your car drives through everyday.

If you are living in a high climate however, white could be the perfect colour as it will not absorb the heat like black will.


Blue can be known as the practical and happy colour to have for your car. Blue can also project stability, truthfulness and serenity.

Even though the colour blue has lost some of its popularity over the years, it could be making a comeback, particularly becoming popular with female buyers.


The earthy and solid tones of the colour brown suggests a quiet peace. This colour can even mean that he or she is not interested in a new car or even that concerned with style, instead they are interested in a reliable car which will get them from A to B.  


The urgency of the colour red, suggests the owner of this colour car is a “go getter”. They are ones to take action, they are the powerful types and it can even project masculinity.

The red car for a man will declare his status in the world or if it is a sporty model it can demonstrate him flexing his muscles on the road, however for a women it may state that she is confident and fun.


The bright colour orange is most likely to suggest that you are very money conscious and are quite comfortable with value and saving money.

From the report psychologist Sally Augustin says that orange declares "I do a good job of minding my money,"  is this you?


The bright gleam of yellow on a sunny day suggests exactly what you might think the colour yellow would; that you are a person who lives very much to the philosophy “don’t worry, be happy”.

The colour doesn’t feel like a risk for you as it is just an expression to you of your joy and positivity. Yellow has become increasingly popular with young adults in their early 20s, as it can also be a symbol for youth.  


Finally, the colour green will always have a strong connection to nature and maybe you are someone who is interested in environmental issues.

The colour green isn’t the most popular colour as it seemed to have hit a peak in the 90s however like the colour blue maybe it could make a comeback!

So, is the report true? Is this what your colour car says about you? Let us know, just tweet us @motorrange using the hashtag #ColourCar

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The Motor Range Team

The Motor Range Team