If you’re planning to get your next car on finance, then a finance deposit contribution can make all the difference. It helps to lower your monthly repayments so that driving away in your perfect car will be much more affordable. Let’s take a look at what deposit contributions are and how they work...


What does finance deposit contribution mean? 

A finance deposit contribution is a specified amount of money that is put towards your deposit when buying a car. It’s essentially a discount; by putting down a bigger deposit, your monthly payments will be lower. At Motor Range, we offer contribution amounts up to £1,000 on a range of our most popular cars. 


How does it work? 

To explain how finance deposit contributions work, let’s look at an example. Say you had £1,000 to use as your finance deposit, that amount would ordinarily be taken off the price of the car and your monthly payments would be calculated accordingly. 

But if you receive an extra £1,000 deposit contribution, then your deposit would be £2,000 in total. That amount would then be subtracted from the price of the car and your monthly payments would be calculated at an even lower cost. 



What are the advantages? 

Finance deposit contributions make car buying more affordable, because a bigger deposit means lower monthly payments. And if you’re struggling to put down a chunk of money as your deposit, a finance contribution can be a big help so you can drive away in your new car faster.


Who are finance deposit contributions available to? 

Deposit contributions are available if you’re buying your car on finance with a PCP or HP deal. At Motor Range we periodically offer finance deposit contributions on a selection of cars in our range. Browse online or get in touch to see what deals are available. 


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