Buying a car is a big a commitment. In fact, after a marriage or partnership, having children or buying a house, a car is probably the biggest responsibility that most of us will undertake.

And once you’ve decided to invest in a new car, it’s an enjoyable thing to do, or at least it should be. Depending on your reasons for replacing your car, it should improve your safety on the road, help your daily routine and boost your confidence. Buy an economical motor and it could even save you a few pennies in the long run, whether you’re tootling around Liverpool city centre, on a day trip to Southport or cruising down the M57.   

So, what makes this buying experience one to enjoy? What should we look for in a quality Liverpool car showroom where we might be about to part with a considerable amount of cash?

While different people look for different things that will reassure them when making a big purchase, we’ve discovered several features that are consistent with great car showrooms – features that make customers want to return again and again whenever they need a new vehicle, repairs or servicing, or just some simple motoring advice.  

Light And Bright

First impressions count and while cars have an image of being dirty and greasy, a good car showroom should be nothing of the sort. Clean and efficient with well-organised areas for sales, aftersales and waiting areas should be the order of the day in any car retail environment.

To make buying a car even more enjoyable, an area for refreshments is a good idea to keep buyers engaged and their families occupied. Accessibility is also important, allowing customers to safely and easily park their own cars, with ramps and wide doors providing easy entry for all visitors.

As with any organisation, a car dealership’s greatest asset is its people. In this case, the buying process can be made more pleasant by attentive, patient sales advisors who can provide a range of options of motors that will fulfil your requirements. Whether you need a low maintenance, reliable car for that tedious daily commute; a practical motor with loads of room for the whole family…and their friends; or a flashy little number to show off to friends, staff at any good car garage should be able to find you just what you want, at the price you need, without overselling.

People Power

And if the model you want isn’t in stock, they’ll ring another branch to track one down or make note to keep a look out at auctions for you. All of these discussions should take place over a friendly cup of tea, and maybe a biscuit or two while you log-in to the free Wi-Fi.

Of Course, before you get as far as any car showroom in Liverpool, you’ll have already scoped out the choice f new motors online. That’s why it’s so important for a garage to look just as good on the internet as it does on the forecourt.

Get Set On The Internet

The best dealerships will have easy to navigate websites, full of helpful advice as well as details on the stock that they hold. Not only that, they’ll also have a handy search tool that can filter out all of the vehicles that will match your preferences in make, model, fuel type, transmission and cost, for example. Any savvy shopper will also want to see how the showroom is rated by recent customers and if there are no reviews posted, you’ll be tempted to look elsewhere.   

Lock, Stock And Barrel

If it looks like there’s very little stock at a car showroom, you’ll probably just drive on by. You’ve probably taken advantage of the point we’ve made about online research so all you really want to do now is inspect one in real life!

You’ll want to take a trip to a retailer that had an abundance of cars to view, outside and in. All quality Liverpool car showrooms will be able to offer you a test drive or two so don’t forget to bring along your driving licence.

While some people are willing to travel a distance to get hold of the right car, you’ll be thankful for a handy location, close to main transport routes to make it easier to get to the car of your dreams.

Whether it’s a cash or finance deal that you are looking for, a good car show room will offer an agreement to suit your budget…a great car showroom will talk you through all of the options as well as use creditable agencies to provide them, before presenting them in a simple way.

Money Talks

They’ll make paperwork quick and easy and maybe even throw in a special offer, such as an extended warranty.

Additional confidence comes from the technical know-how of those at the car showroom. On-site mechanics and an efficient workshop will indicate that your car has been checked over properly before being released for sale. Good garages will be able to provide a list of the checks that have been carried out and make their staff available for any queries.


You’ll know that if you have any issues with your car once you have left the forecourt that they will be dealt with by qualified workmen, swiftly and without fuss. You’ll also have a convenient and familiar location for your new car’s servicing and MOT requirements.

All of these showroom features make you feel loved and wanted as a car buyer. And in the unlikely event that you don’t drive away with a car, you’ll certainly be twice as probable to return for a future purchase or recommend their services to others.

If you want to see what a quality Liverpool car showroom looks like, get down to Motor Range today. Their new dealership on Dunnings Bridge Road, Bootle ticks all the right boxes. It’s clean and bright, stocks over 1000 cars and is full of knowledgeable, friendly advisors and mechanics, just waiting to help you to find your next new car.