Convertibles are purchases made with the heart. They are the purest automotive art form. Drop-tops are taking everyday driving to a new enjoyable level. The ultimate driving experience is found behind the wheel of a convertible.

Historically, a retractable roof had a frame with a folding textile fabric that evolved to the most common type of convertible. A less often seen detachable hardtop provides a more secure and weatherproof alternative. Technology has improved the retractable hardtop. It is becoming more common.

This week we are breakdown the different types of convertibles available to you, so you can make the best choice for the summer!


Snowbelters who love the open-air driving of summer used to be in for rough winters when cold weather protection from cloth convertibles was poor. Today there are some retractable hardtop convertibles on the market. Retractable hardtops steal some trunk space, but they afford the owner year-round capability.

As manufacturers strive to make vehicles more appealing, hardtop convertibles are becoming increasingly popular. The crowd pleasing ability to fold an apparently fixed roof out of sight and the conventional solid roof security are two advantages of the solid roof. The folding roof is both perceived and actual safety and security improvements. Sound and weather proofing are also improved.

Soft Tops

Soft tops were the original type of convertible. They are still the most common. Vinyl or canvas are typical materials used in soft-top convertibles. Soft tops are being built with multiple layers to insulate from the elements and noise at least as well, if not better than hardtops. The biggest disadvantage of soft top convertibles is that over time, soft tops have to be replaced.

Today’s soft tops come with a rear window made of glass instead of the scratch-prone windows of the past. Drivers are shocked by the quietness of a soft top at freeway speeds. Soft tops are cheaper to purchase. They are the ideal car for people who have a reliable vehicle for everyday use and want a reasonably priced vehicle that is fun to drive.

Targa Tops

The targa top has a semi-convertible body style. It has a removable roof section and a roll bar that extends the full width of the vehicle, behind the seats. Targa tops normally have a fixed rear window. There are some that are foldable or removable. Any metal or trim rising from the car’s side continues uninterrupted over the roof to the other side. Other names for the feature are a wrap over band, targa bar, or targa band.

Sports cars with targa tops offer a wide open feel with the option than closes for security and poor weather conditions. Many are transparent, providing an outside view while the elements are kept outside. The main disadvantage of targa tops is the requirement to use a bit of muscle. The top of most must be removed by hand. They are not to be confused with t-tops.

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