New model launches and re-launches by Audi never fail to grab massive amounts of publicity. But given that the Audi A6 goes head-to-head against some the biggest heavyweights in the executive saloon category - think the BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz E-Class - the current A6 model sneaked out with barely more than a whisper when it came out in 2011.

Maybe that was a deliberate tactic on Audi’s part, after all, it makes a big thing of the discreet elegance in all its cars, and the target buyer for an Audi A6 is hardly likely to be the type who goes in for big motoring statements.

The big Audi saloon has more than a hint of the A8. While this is great news if you’re in the market for something which always transports you in style, the better news is that, thanks to the generally heavier depreciation suffered by many cars of this size, you can get a lot of features and luxury for your money.

“It's a car that you could happily spend many an hour in,” reckoned the reviewer for motoring website And if pounding the asphalt of Britain’s motorways is how you spend much of your time, that means a used Audi A6 would be a wise choice for you.

“Superb refinement, ride comfort and very little noise” also add to the equation to bring you a car for which the term ‘relaxed cruising’ could well have been invented.

Better Spec Than A 5 Series

If you find a used Audi A6 in two-litre TDI spec, you’ll also be able to go far on every tankful of fuel. It sips the stuff from the black pump at the rate of up to 64mpg and while these official figures are notoriously optimistic, you should expect real-world consumption of about 50mpg. That’s even if you’re tempted to go a bit heavy on the accelerator pedal, in which case you’ll find the car can more than keep pace with any other mainstream contenders in the motorway stakes.

“It’s so good, it’s right up there alongside the 5 Series”, concluded Honest John’s reviewers. “It trumps it on specification thanks to a very high level of standard equipment that includes leather upholstery, cruise control, Bluetooth and navigation” - not bad for a car that could be as old as a 10-plate.

Distinguishing Features


While many manufacturers could boast that they used state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques to help keep the weight of their cars to a minimum, most of these, until this time, had been at the performance end of the market. There, shedding a few pounds brought the marginal gains in performance which could mean stealing an advantage on your biggest competitors.

But Audi’s use of composite aluminium and steel body panels resulted in the total weight of an Audi A6 saloon being 15 per cent lower than an all-steel equivalent.

Best For Efficiency

If you’re keeping one eye on your running costs, look out for those two-litre TDi models, in particular the 177PS (175bhp) version, which will do the nought to 62mph sprint in 8.7 seconds. It also offers a CO2 emissions figure of 129g/km, and yet returns up to 57mpg. This and three other three-litre A6 models - two other diesels and one petrol - use what’s described as an advanced direct-injection technology system. They claim to burn less fuel, as well as boasting stop-start system, regenerative braking and other advanced features, all in the name of making the Audi a big-feeling car which had scaled-down running costs.

Later, a hybrid version of the A6 would be introduced, mating the two-litre TFSI engine with an electric motor, which when combined were good for performance of up to 245PS (241bhp). By the way, in case these references to the ‘PS’ figure confuse you, it’s just the German equivalent of horsepower, measured slightly differently and widely used across Europe. That’s why we’ve quoted the equivalent in brake horsepower - the figure we usually use in the UK.

State-Of-The-Art Options

The Audi A6 of 2010 onwards boasted an options list which takes in such fancy - and class-leading - extras such as a head-up display, Bluetooth, and an MMI touch interface for controlling the in-car entertainment and all other connected devices.

A February 2011 update brought the addition of all-round LED headlights, which Audi said combined long life with super-efficiency, and could be configured for all-weather, cornering and motorway driving conditions. The update also saw the first use of daytime running lights.

Easy Handling

The A6 was designed as a car which combined a firm suspension and grippy handling and a lightness in the steering. This coupling aimed to inspire confidence in the driver, although it “may feel unusual at first, but does make low-speed manoeuvring easier,” according to What Car?

A Fine Finish

The same review also touched on another big benefit of a used Audi A6. “Fit and finish are flawless, with high quality materials,” it noted.

A benefit of running a used Audi - of any model - is the ability to take advantage of franchised dealers’ fixed-price servicing plans, as well as their menu pricing for a variety of consumable parts such as brake pads, which can mean having some certainty over your running costs.

Diesel Audi A6s are far more common than their petrol equivalents, which means they’re likely to have the cheaper starting prices. However, you can afford to be a bit more choosy.

Which Fuel?

Although it only delivers 138bhp, the two-litre TDi model is the one to go for if you cover enough miles to warrant it. For chewing up the miles with ease, the 2.7-litre V6 petrol Audi A6 should give you faithful service and a fair degree of driving satisfaction. This and the three-litre diesel models are available with optional Quattro four-wheel drive - giving you the perfect excuse to do a Gene Hunt and replicate his immortal phrase, “Fire up the Quattro”.

Keep An Eye Out For The Right Specs

The final recommendations from What Car? include to look out for a used Audi A6 with SE trim, which ensures “a good kit list, including climate control, CD player, four electric windows and cruise control.” The popular S-Line spec adds stiffer suspension and racier cabin detailing. You’ll pay a premium for a model boasting metallic paint - but this extra investment should be recouped when you come to swap it again. While sat-nav and leather seats on anything larger than a 2.0-litre model also mean you’ll pay a premium initially, they should help safeguard your outlay.

The A6 - Is It Your Route To Motoring Satisfaction?

Well, it’s very likely to be if you need a car with plenty of space for up to four adults - a fifth is reckoned to be a bit of a squeeze though. It also comes with loads of room for luggage and the ability to eat up long distances in a relaxed manner. So it’s just the job for taking a trip the length of the road which shares its name - the 299-mile long A6! Driver and passengers are likely to still feel reasonably refreshed when they reach journey’s end in Carlisle, thanks to the spacious interior and long equipment list.

There’s a good choice of engines, from economical to reasonably sporty for such a big car, and you’ll find it surprisingly easy to manoeuvre for its size. So if you’ve always fancied an Audi, and you need generous levels of equipment and both passenger and luggage space, the A6 could be your road to paradise.

Check out Motor Range’s convenient site on Dunnings Bridge Road where you’ll always find a great choice of carefully-picked used Audi A6 models in various specs. Our stock lists give lots of details about the cars we have currently available, but be sure come to see us and let us arrange for you to take a test drive or two for you to really appreciate the true quality of these fine executive cars.