House prices have increased, compared to 10 years ago petrol prices have increased but perhaps the most notable price increase is car insurance for young drivers.

It has become increasingly hard for young drivers to even consider getting on the road with most insurance quotes costing more than the car itself.

So more than ever, information about how to the get the best cover at the most reasonable price is needed…

...and this is where we come in!

This week we are dedicated to help you when looking for your car insurance cover.

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First of all, see below for the three levels of cover available:

  1. Third party only (minimum cover) - This only covers damage in the event of an accident to any other person, vehicle or animal but it does not cover any damage to your vehicle.
  2. Third party fire and theft - This is the same as the cover above, however it will cover your car if it is stolen or damaged in a fire.
  3. Fully comprehensive - This is the widest level of cover as this not only covers damages to others and their cars but it will also cover your car in the event of an accident or if it is stolen.


  • Live with your parents or a responsible adult? Adding a second responsible ‘occasional’ user (NOT main driver) who has had more experience has been known to reduce your initial quote, so it is worth a try.
  • People are often tempted to go for a policy that has a low excess, normally under £500 however going for a higher excess can lower the ultimate cost of your policy. It is important to be realistic with this figure, if you have a bigger claim you will have to fork out more if there is a damage to your car, so do think about this.
  • It is very important to tell your insurance provider if your circumstances are out of the ordinary (i.e. if you are planning to do 100,000 miles per year) it may mean your policy goes up but running the risk of getting found out and your policy being cancelled is more than worth it!
  • Finally, it is important to remember the option of the telematics box! It may not be the coolest thing to have but it can reduced your policy by a significant amount. So if you are confident that you can drive well it is something to seriously consider.


  • It can be very tempting to bend the truth a little as a ‘little white lie’ can see those numbers reduce but we cannot stress enough how this should be avoided at all costs. Lying of any form on your insurance policy is fraud and can lead to a prosecution.
  • Pimping your ride may be a great idea but unfortunately modifying your car can add the pounds to your policy. So if your car has any modifications, whether you made them or not, DON’T forget to mention them.
  • It is important to keep in mind that fully comprehensive does not mean it is more expensive. Logically most people think third party insurance should be the cheapest, as it covers the least however this is not always the case, so it is always worth getting a quote with both covers. It short; don’t assume!
  • A technique now known as ‘fronting’ has over the years become more and more popular mainly to reduce the costs of a young persons insurance. This is where usually a well meaning parent lists themselves as the main driver and puts the young driver as an occasional driver. Whoever drives the car the majority of the time, should be listed as the main driver. This technique, even though it may save some money, is illegal and can lead to prosecution. Don’t try it, it’s not worth it!

So what next? Simply compare! Don’t rush your research and make sure you fully understand what is best for what you need.

Do keep in mind that insurance policies do reduce as time goes on, the first year is generally the most expensive!

We hope this article has helped, if you have any questions about this topic, simply tweet us @MotorRange using the hashtag #MRInsurance.

Until next time.

Save, choose and change…


Note: Even though we have made every effort to make sure this article is as accurate as can be when we produced this information, we (Motor Range Ltd) can take no responsibility for any misinterpretation or errors in the content and we can take no responsibility for any consequences arising from such errors or misinterpretation of the content.