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Financing your car with Motor Range is simple. Using a range of trusted and reputable finance providers, our advisors will find you the best deal. 

With a stress free approach, applying for finance is quick and easy. We don't use jargon or confusing terms - just straightforward advice. All applications are made without obligation and if you are happy with the figures, the agreement can be completed the same day. You can then drive away without fuss and be confident that you have found the best deal. 

Already have an existing finance agreement? No need to worry - we can settle that for you so you can look forward to driving away your new car. 

Why apply online?

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If you haven't decided which car yet - don't worry. You can still apply for finance and choose the make and model later. 

Alternatively, you can apply over the phone by calling 0151 909 5911 or pop into our showroom in Bootle and talk face to face with a friendly advisor.

What are the finance options?

Financing your vehicle through Motor Range is the best choice, as you can tailor your agreement to suit your budget. Using third party credit brokers or your own bank can be over complicated and time consuming. With Motor Range it’s relaxed, stress free and we can get you an approval in minutes.

Hire Purchase (HP) is quick and easy to arrange, offering you the flexibility to pay as little or as much as you can afford each month. The lower your monthly payment, the longer the term of the agreement. The car is yours when you have paid off the value of the car (plus interest and fees). Click here to find out more about HP.

Similarly, a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) allows you to adjust the length of the contract until you find an affordable repayment schedule. At the end of the agreement, there is an optional balloon payment required to own the vehicle outright. Alternatively, the car can be returned and a new PCP agreement undertaken with a different car. Want to know more? Then take a look at our PCP blog.

Protect your car for the road ahead

Feel free to call us on  0151 909 5911 or pop into our showroom in Bootle for further advice from our FCA accredited team.

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Important Notice

Please note you will not own the vehicle outright until all payments are made. If you default on your finance payments, then the vehicle may be repossessed by the finance provider. You must be 18 years or older to apply for finance. Finance is not guaranteed, and any finance application is subject to a credit check and individual circumstances. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. The finance provider will have their own Terms and Conditions, please contact them directly for further information.

Sub-prime finance is not guaranteed and may cost more than finance provided by a prime lender. We will try to obtain finance for you but there is no guarantee. It may be from a sub-prime lender, and if so, the cost of finance may likely be at a higher rate than prime lenders offer.

Car Finance FAQs

Car Finance is an easy way to stick to your budget when paying for a car or van. You can break your payments into manageable monthly payments and avoid a big up-front investment.


With several different contract options and so many Car Finance providers, it’s likely that we can find a deal tailored to your needs. A car or van is a big investment so we know you’re likely to have a few queries. Here’s a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from car buyers, just like you...

  • Can I use Car Finance to buy a used car?
  • The answer is simple - Yes!

  • How do I apply for Car Finance?
  • It’s easy to apply for finance at Motor Range. Just let us know which car you’d like to buy and how much you want to spend every month, and leave the rest to us. Using a range of trusted and reputable finance providers, we’ll present your options - HP or PCP - and let you decide which finance is best for you. You can apply online, by calling 0151 909 2748 or in person at our Liverpool showroom. No obligation and no pressure.

  • What do I need to apply for Car Finance online?
  • Applying for car finance online only takes a few minutes. We just need a few details such as your name and address, the car you’d like to buy and your bank details. We will then use your application to find a deal to suit your exact budget. We usually get all this sorted in just a few hours! You can apply for finance here.

  • What if I’ve got bad credit? Can I still apply for Car Finance?
  • We can find finance for car buyers in most situations, even if you have bad credit, or you have been refused a loan elsewhere. We work with a wide range of lenders, some of whom specialise in finding deals for buyers with bad credit. Speak to us for more information.

  • Can I trade in my current car?
  • Yes. You can use any vehicle as part-exchange on a new car from Motor Range. Simply use our free online valuation tool for a fast, no-obligation quote to find out how much you can put towards your next car.

  • What is ‘Depreciation’?
  • As your car gets older, its value will decrease due to wear and tear. This is called depreciation and is the reason why, when you part exchange or sell your car, it will be worth less than when you bought it. Brand new cars depreciate (lose value) at a faster rate than used cars.

  • What if I have outstanding finance on my current car?
  • You can trade in your current car, with or without outstanding finance. We can settle your existing agreement and set up a new one. It’s really quick and easy, we do it for lots of customers, all of the time!

  • What is APR?
  • The interest that is added to your car loan is called APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and is the price per year that the lender will charge you for borrowing the required amount to buy your new car or van. This will be factored into your loan calculation and included in your single monthly repayments.

  • What does MGFV stand for?
  • This means Minimum Guaranteed Future Value. It’s the big payment that you make at the end of a PCP deal to fully own a car or van.

    This is an optional payment, that is calculated at the beginning of your agreement and should be equal to the predicted value of your car at the end of your PCP contract. If you don’t want to/can’t make the payment, just return your car to the dealership and walk away.

  • How long will my Car Finance contract last?
  • You can adjust the length of your finance agreement to suit your budget. Anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The longer the contract, the smaller your monthly payments. The choice is yours!